Dedicated Decisions – Why A Dedicated Desk Can Help Propel Your Business

Finding traction for an innovative idea does not have to end in failure, especially in a business climate that makes networking, social media marketing, and branding effortless. Technology has driven much of this accessibility in Australia, and nowhere has this been seen more than with workspace solutions. Coworking, especially, has launched the businesses of a few household names, making it one of the best ways to fund office space for start-ups.

With the hot desk taking centre stage to coworking space, many professionals are unaware of the other resources in the space that can aid in business growth, namely the dedicated desk. Typically, dedicated desk space for rent is more expensive than the ever popular hot desk, but even with the expense, it can create the same opportunities for success as its counterpart. In fact, in some ways, the dedicated desk can really be a catalyst for business growth.

Keep reading to learn the different ways that the dedicated desk can help increase business growth.

Access To Community

The dedicated desk places professionals within reach of community, which is significant for a number of reasons. While working in a private, quiet location, the community atmosphere presents businesses with the chance to engage the larger community at their convenience. In a good coworking space, the community is forged through the activities and events organised for coworking community members.

Because the dedicated desk is usually situated someplace away from the hot-desking workspace, professionals would have to take the initiative to engage the community at some of these events. However, the great thing about the coworking space is that being able to attend these types of events is within reach simply through the effort of space managers. Ultimately, the coworking space can provide your business community as a backdrop to the work being completed in the space.

Access To Resources

Another great benefit that leasing a dedicated desk can give to businesses looking to grow is access to resources in the coworking space. Each space has a unique character and function, and in one space, you might find a variety of industries working under one roof. Businesses looking to short cut finding information might find the professionals who work in the space can be of great of assistance.

However, these resources lend themselves to also building great relationships. Coworking professionals can find themselves meeting up with people from within their own industry but in others as well. These meetups create mentoring relationships and the chance opportunity to collaborate on projects. Just in terms of building relationships, businesses have a platform from which to build their own visibility in the space and to create real growth.

Badly Needed Privacy

Ultimately, the dedicated desk provides businesses with the best of both worlds invaluable office space. While most professions might lend themselves to allowing professionals to work in mostly open spaces, other professions might require discretion. The dedicated desk presents business with the opportunity to fund affordable office space in a place away from prying eyes. In many instances, professionals would have to lease private office space, but the dedicated desk provides businesses with the chance to work in a socially engaging atmosphere without sacrificing badly needed privacy.

Working Alone But Among Many

The dedicated desk can function in the same way as its more popular counterpart the hot desk. By simply providing businesses with a platform to both work and to meet other professionals, dedicated desk renters get the same benefits of the coworking space as other community members. Access to community and resources are just a few of the many benefits that await professionals who choose to lease the dedicated desk.

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