Waiakea Water Makes a Significant Splash in the Bottled Water Industry

Bottled water is something numerous companies are selling today. This is evident in the number of bottled water brands you notice when shopping in your local grocery store. According to statistics, the bottled water industry is approximately a $100 billion industry worldwide. The leading consumer country of bottled water is Italy. However, despite the popularity of bottled water, it is hard to believe that bottled water companies were once a laughing stock because finding clean and filtered water in a majority of homes was possible. Paying for a product that was easy to find for free seemed a bit absurd.

So what made people start accepting bottled water? Waiakea Water came up with a product that made a significant difference. First, Waiakea Water is a bottled water company based in Hawaii. Mostly, people have a certain attitude when it comes to products made in Hawaii. The first thought that comes to mind when an individual hears a product is from Hawaii is that it is excellent and natural. The name Waiakea is Hawaiian, and it means broad waters. Apart from the company’s name, the other thing that stands out is its filtering process.

Established in 2012, Waiakea Water created a name for itself by utilizing its creativity. The water this company packages and sells is Hawaiian volcanic water. What makes this different from other bottled water brands? First, the filtration of Hawaiian volcanic water is done using a process that allows water to run through porous volcanic rock. This process not only purifies the water, but it also makes it cool. Another difference in Waiakea Water is that the company has created biodegradable bottles, making it easy to dispose of the bottle without harming the environment. The one disadvantage of bottled water lies in the bottles themselves.

A majority of bottled water companies create plastic bottles that end up harming the environment. Plastic bottles also create an enormous waste collection that makes the environment look dirty. Waiakea Water thought about the effects of plastic bottles, so the team came up with a degradable bottle that makes it easy for people to dispose of the bottle without worrying about littering or otherwise harming the environment. The company’s contribution to the environment does not stop with biodegradable bottles. Waiakea Water is a carbon-neutral company because it utilizes low-emission cars to aid in the delivery of its products.

The company also participates in society by giving back to nonprofit organizations and the local community. Its contribution to the community and nonprofit organizations makes it possible for it to contribute to the betterment of society through the provision of clean and filtered water to communities that require help. For every liter of water bought from Waiakea Water, the company donates a week’s supply of fresh, clean, and filtered water to people that require it in countries like Malawi. Ryan Emmons, the owner of Waiakea Water, came up with a product that not only stood out but one that has also made a significant difference in the lives of plenty of people around the world.

He recently received a leadership award that affirms the strides he and his company have taken in not only providing water to the world but also making water accessible to millions across the globe. The award also affirms his efforts in ensuring that the environment is protected.



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