Why a MVHR Makes Good Business Sense for New Build Homes

Homebuilders looking for innovative ways to boost sales of new build homes might want to focus heavily on energy efficient construction. This would include everything from the materials used in construction to the appliances being installed. Bear in mind that today’s home buyer is mindful of the rising costs of running a household, so energy efficiency is a key selling point. Have you considered installing MVHR systems during the construction phase? It makes good business sense on more than one level. Here are a few reasons why.

MVHR Units Can Boost the Efficiency HVAC Systems

A Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery unit (MVHR), basically works by exchanging hot and cold air. When the unit brings cold air in from outdoors during the winter, it passes through pipes adjacent to those sending warm air out and, in the process, the fresh air being brought in is warmed. However, the heat being exchanged doesn’t only come from the home’s HVAC system but also anything within the home that produces heat. This means that everybody in the home, ovens you are cooking with and even lights you are ‘burning’ produce some of the heat being exchanged with colder air. In other words, you are literally reusing heat you’ve already produced, some of which costs nothing!

Inexpensive to Operate

With the rising costs of energy, many homeowners are seeking ways to reduce the amount of money they are spending on heat. That’s a given. As a homebuilder, you could be selective in your choice of MVHR units. Many home MVHR systems utilise only two small motors that pump air throughout the system. Therefore, a unit that uses only 22 Watts would cost just about the same amount of money per day as using an energy efficient light bulb. The total cost per day would equal approximately 10p.

Fresh Air Year Round

One of the most common complaints during the long, cold months of winter is the fact that air in the home gets stale. Many homeowners attempt to freshen up the air a bit by opening the windows periodically to let the stale air escape, bringing fresh air into the home. This will create a twofold problem in terms of heat efficiency and cost. By letting warm air escape, your HVAC will need to run twice as hard to bring the temperature back within a comfortable range. This will increase the amount of money being spent to heat the home and that’s not something anyone wants to contend with. Utility bills are already high enough without bringing them higher yet unnecessarily.

Today’s consumers in the market for a new home already know that the cost of construction is rising over time. They are already paying many times that which their parents and grandparents paid for the cost of a new home and this means their mortgage loans will be higher as well. Why not give them a reason to choose your energy efficient homes? The simple addition of a cost-effective MVHR could be that key selling point you’ve been looking for all along. Everyone’s a winner.

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