Five Simple Skin Care Tips to Help Women Keep Their Skin Glowing

For women all around, having good skin is always on top of their priority list. It is such an innocent want, which affects the confidence of women immensely. Women grow up idolising a beauty standard which probably isn’t even real. Thanks to airbrush; Skin issues are very substantial though.

From eczema to acne, acne scarring, enlarged pores, stretch marks and the list of conditions is ongoing. A woman at average tends to look at the mirror at least eight times a day. The conversations one has with themselves, I wish I was thinner, my skin was more radiant, my features more attractive, all of this is rather dark. Rarely makes one stand in the mirror and go wow you mesmerising Goddess anyone would be lucky to have you.

Skins sensitivity allows an individual to understand how much can they experiment on it. Experts at Click Pharmacy urge everyone to adjust their diets and stick to mostly natural remedies if you have problematic skin because natural ingredients don’t have as many harmful preservatives. Also, natural resources have been around for centuries.

1) Diet makes all the difference to your skin; your body is your shrine. Treat it with the love that it deserves. Hence eat your vegetables; the antioxidants work magic on the appearance of your skin. It isn’t a joke you are what you eat. The more colour there is on your plate, the healthier your skin will look, so best to go for rainbow colour foods and naturally, all greens are your best friend. Eating balanced portions of fruits and vegetables will keep your blood cell count healthy and cause your skin to appear much more nourished. Beta-carotene found in carrots and kale is essential for vitamin A. Which is essential for healthy looking skin and helps the immune system. (Anything in excess can be harmful). Likewise, Vitamin C can be found in berries, oranges, and broccoli. The primary function of Vitamin C is to build collagen, which strengthens the capillaries, regulating supply to the skin. Vitamin E found in items such as nuts and avocados, protects the skin from damage which it may incur in the long run. Eating the right foods can prevent skin problems like acne, and it regulates the hormones.

2) Hydration is critical; moisturised skin is ultimate desire. Experts advise everyone to at least drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day. Duly note some fruits and vegetables contain water as well. Not nurturing your body with enough water can make your skin dry and flaky; such skin is more prone to wrinkling. Drinking water flushes the system of any toxins. It will provide radiance to your skin. Water isn’t just necessary for the skin it also regulates other organs.

3) Apply SPF

Dermatologists constantly stress that SPF (Sun protection factor) protects everyone from the sun; pollution and unnecessary damage the skin might suffer from. It diminishes chances of your skin suffering from photoaging. It protects individuals from getting brown spots on their face along with cancer in the distant future. Though statistically, one needs exposure to the sun to get the right amount of vitamin D, that can be saved for the winters or by exposing one’s hand to the sun for about 15 minutes each day, depending on the requirement.

It’s advised to get your vitamin levels tested every six months.

4) Exfoliate; it removes dry, dead cells from your skin. A simple test is if you ever scratch your arm and a white line appears, you are in need of exfoliation. Dermatologists state that exfoliating regularly can rid you from many skin problems. And most of all regular exfoliation prevents the growth of ingrown hair. Regular exfoliation reveals smoother and refreshed looking skin. It even reduces pores and decreases the chances of skin flare-ups, because it unclogs the pores (that is if external factors cause the acne) and can resolve many skin issues.

5) Don’t sleep with makeup on your face and keep your phone clean. It is of prime importance to let your skin breath at the end of a long day. Makeup clogs pores and does not give it the space to rejuvenate in its own time. It hinders its progress. The makeup particles can get stuck into your pores turn into bacteria, which can cause a full-blown breakout. Leaving makeup on at night several nights a week will cause extensive long-term damage to your skin. Leading skin to age faster, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring.

Most of the makeup made today comprises of oil-based substances, which react with the collagen and eventually cause it to break. If eye makeup is left on, it can cause Dry eyes, unwanted eye infections, and further inflammations. Sleeping with lipstick on can cause it to chap and gradually with time lose its original pigment. Keeping your phone is necessary because it regularly comes in contact with your face, so it is advisable to carry wipes to clean the screen at least once a day.

So girls invest in proper makeup removing products, as you would in your makeup, which is found in drugstores, and luxury stores. Natural ingredients can also be used like Coconut oil; it removes the makeup and hydrates the skin in the process.

And if you are an absolute lazy ball of fuzz, leave some makeup removing wipes on your side table. For nights when there is no energy after a night out, or it isn’t you that is in charge it is the alcohol. One wipe and job done.

Invest in skincare as you do in your other daily activities. Do not keep unrealistic expectations from your skin, or yourself. Own your skin with confidence, wear it like a jewel. Do not let magazines or the TV define beauty standards, or let your bitter ex ever bring you down? And if a skin issue is of concern to you always make a trip to your dermatologist.

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