Eco Friendly Home Improvement Ideas To Consider

Nowadays, it is much more important than ever to think about green materials and products as a home is improved. This is simply because it is our responsibility to protect the environment. Fortunately, more and more people each day realize this is the case. The good news is there are many materials and products that are completely eco friendly and that are much cheaper than they used to be. They can help you end up with lower water bills, affordable gas, electricity bills and more.

When you want to make your home more eco friendly, Fix It Right Plumbing in Frankston recommends the following ideas.

Green Water Remodelling

A lot of water is wasted every single year in bathrooms. If you remodel, why not make it green? You can consider dual flush toilets. These use 2 flush settings based on how much water is needed after you use the toilet. By simply installing it, water consumption can be considerably reduced and your bill will go down.

Eco Friendly Paint

Paint always adds curb appeal, especially on a house’s exterior. At the same time, this is a cheap and easy home improvement that will make a difference. As you select paint, be sure that you stick to the brands that use non-volatile or non-VOC organic chemicals. Regular paint includes high VOC levels. This is not healthy or eco-friendly. It does take time to look for paint brands you can use but availability is constantly growing. Talk to sellers at home improvement stores and paint departments.


When remodelling, this is one of the very first things that you need to take into account. Fortunately, many different eco friendly options are available. One that is often considered is cork flooring. This is natural, durable and highly comfortable when you walk on it. At the same time, there are zero toxic adhesive that are utilized. These can harm the planet and you can choose out of various different designs and colors. While in the past this was a material that was really common with bulletin boards and walls, now it is also popular for flooring.


Speaking about floors, in many cases they do not actually have to be changed. You can simply refinish and reuse them. This is a really popular part of the entire green movement. Something like this is highly plausible when wood floors are present. It will take time to make such flooring shine but the effort is definitely worth it.


Your carpets can also become eco friendly. When you want to focus on healthy and green options, carpet tiles can be pretty useful. Normally, these are made out of recyclable materials. They are pretty easy to install and you will not have problems when you want to clean them. Carpet tiles can be a wonderful choice for absolutely all rooms. They are even useful for an outdoor area, like if you want to spruce up rooftop decks or balconies. Also, if you want to add carpets, remember that padding is not absolutely necessary.

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