Holiday Trends: Eating Out for Christmas

Christmas is the favorite time of year for families to gather, presents to be exchanged, and enormous feasts laid out to be enjoyed by one and all. Increasing numbers of families are taking a step back from the elaborate culinary masterpieces they once crafted and choosing to instead eat out on Christmas day and other holidays. Although many people get caught up in the joy and excitement of planning their own Christmas soiree at home, reminds Bron Maxabella, “The actual preparation can be chaotic, stressful and outright awful.”


Once upon a time, all businesses stood closed and vacant on major holidays. These days, many restaurants from fast-food faves to five-star establishments are throwing open their doors and welcoming those who would rather not cook as well as others who have nowhere else to be. Before consumers head out this holiday season to skip the mess and enjoy food and camaraderie elsewhere, it’s important to double check which restaurants are open. In both Sydney and Melbourne, many restaurants are opting to keep their lights on this December 25th, offering a wide spectrum of options from unlimited buffets to intimate sit-down meals to restaurants only offering take away services so customers can enjoy their already done food at home.


For those considering this option as a part of their holiday planning, it’s important to remember why it can be more beneficial to order out than cook at home. Picky family members or those with food allergies or sensitivities can take responsibility for ordering their own fare while out, leaving less headaches for their host. Far more options for main and side dishes alike can be found in restaurants. Plus, those restaurants have spacious commercial refrigerators to easily store food when it’s not mealtime without having to play Tetris with small at-home fridges.


While preparing for a more relaxing holiday mean where someone else does the cooking, planning ahead is important. Most sit-down restaurants take reservations on special holidays like Christmas and those reservations can disappear fast. A lot of restaurants require all members of dinner parties to be present before seating, so an accurate headcount plus prompt arrivals are key.
And don’t be disappointed if some of your favorite menu items aren’t on the table for Christmas: to maximize output, many restaurants use reduced menu choices on holidays to lighten the load on cooking staff in the back. Prepare, as well, for a touch of sticker shock. Restaurants know consumers have fewer choices on an actual holiday and adjust their prices in reflection of that.


This Christmas, eliminate the hassle and mess when you delegate dinner to the pros.

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