Trending trench coats styles for ladies in 2019

Can a woman own too many trench coats for winter 2019? Doesn’t seem likely, does it? Trench coats came into their own, for women, following the film noir craze in movies in the 1940’s. Movie posters everywhere pictured a dangerous-looking Humphrey Bogart or a cynical Alan Ladd swathed in a trench coat, holding a gun as a hard-boiled detective.

Then Lauren Bacall got into the act with some very stylish trench coat variations, and women took over the whole genre as they sashayed around the screen on rainy nights and in steamy bedrooms. What women discovered — something men never had a clue about — was that trench coats are the perfect transitional coat to wear starting in autumn and then going into winter. They go with everything from a black cocktail dress with stiletto heels to sweats with sneakers. Even in the coldest climes, a bit of clever layering allows them to be worn in classic comfort.

So take your pick, ladies, from trending trenches like the following:

The classic tan trench coat, without a belt. It discreetly hides your build while out in the cold, and then lets you reveal all when unbuttoned at work or at a restaurant.

The double breasted trench, in pastel mango or off-white. A retro look that fits right in with clubbing and casual meet ups at the coffee shop.

A side button black trench shows you mean business when it comes to the weather. With a double lining, it’s as warm as Gortex; and scores points with the men at business meetings.

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