What Happens When You Get A DUI In A Foreign Country?

Every single DUI conviction leads to many possible problems, like driver’s license suspension, jail time and expensive fines. However, when you get the DUI in another country, things can get quite complicated. According to an experienced DUI lawyer Jonesboro, it is really important to act properly. There are some things you absolutely need to know if you get a DUI in a foreign country.

Immigration Status Can Be Affected

Those that are not US citizens but that want to eventually become one should be aware of the fact that criminal records are considered to be huge roadblocks. When your desire is to be a naturalized US citizen, there is a requirement to have a good character. If you were convicted of misdemeanor crimes, like DUIs that happened somewhere else, such a requirement cannot be kept.

Sentencing Can Be Impacted For Some Crimes

Criminal record listed crimes are not seen as independent events. The criminal record is practically a continuum or different events that will sump up the character. This basically means that the DUI conviction that happens in other countries will affect the way in which you are sentenced in the future US crimes that might take place.

When you have a crime on the record and you are convicted of a US crime, the sentence can end up being harsher. This is true even if the DUI happened in another country since it is considered to be a part of the criminal background. Harsher sentences appear since you are labeled as being a repeat offender.

Being Banned From A Country

Different countries can have really strict requirements in regards to who is allowed to get in. This is true even for simple visits. For instance, Mike Tyson wanted to visit the UK in order to promote a book he wrote in the year 2013. The problem was that in the year 2012 the country’s immigration law changed. Visitors were banned if someone was sentenced to at least four prison years in the past.

It is also possible that you will have problems to get back to a specific country where you were charged by a DUI. Entry laws vary from one country to the next so you need to be careful and you have to check this in advance.

Sometimes You Cannot Expunge The Record

Expungement is defined as being a legal process that is allowing the past convictions and arrests for specific crimes to be removed from individual record. For instance, in California a crime can be removed from the criminal record when satisfying some requirements. There are some sex crimes that are against minors that will never be removed and probation always has to be fully completed for eligibility.

There are countries where laws are not at all generous. A simple DUI that might not seem like much can end up causing huge problems. This is why it is always really important that you contact an experienced local DUI attorney to help you get out of the current situation.

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