The Risks Involved In Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast implants are fast becoming popular amongst men and women in recent times. Whether you want to have the shape modified, the appearance optimized or the size enlarged, a competent surgeon can perform the surgical operation. While it is a great way to step up your body image, the surgery itself entails certain risks that you must be aware of before you go ahead with the procedure. Do you remember Jenny Lee’s surgery disorder? While that may be a scary reminder, here is a lowdown on some of the possible negative implications of breast implants.

Common Post-Surgical Symptoms

Generally, the procedure takes around 60-90 minutes and requires an expert esthetician as well as a breast augmentation NYC pro for a successful surgery. It is, however, common for patients to experience bruising, swelling and mild pain including a feeling of tightness in the chest and temporal pain. Complications may include thick, noticeable scarring that will not fade away, rotation of the implant inside the breast, rupture where the implant leaks leading to the formation of tiny lumps known as silicone granulomas and nerve damage to the nipples. A mammogram that is an X-ray used for identifying breast cancer may also be less accurate for women with breast implants.

Just After Surgery

Shortly after your operation, expect to feel a little swelling, slight bruising and some pain. The doctors usually prescribe painkillers for these. A complication during this stage includes slow healing due to the incision or the development of an infection. You may have to remove the implants entirely if the infection does not subside with antibiotics.

During the first year

You might face occasional issues like implant malposition where you are unable to locate the exact position of the implant due to shifting or the implant having moved before or after the surgical procedure. Another complication is rippling of the implant that is easily noticeable underneath the skin and must be treated immediately.

Within the first few years

It is common to notice issues that Orange County breast augmentation surgery patients are initially apprehensive about during the first few years of the implant. These are primarily Implant Leaking and Capsular Contracture both of which can range from mild to severe in impact. In Implant Leak, the main reason is the formation of a hole in the outer layer of silicone due to wear-and-tear while a capsular contracture occurs due to the development of scar tissue around the implant that can cause the breasts to reduce in size and become too hard. The risk of Implant Leak has dropped to just 10% in recent times. The surgeon can resolve it by removing the implant replacing it with a new one. A capsular contracture requires a capsulectomy where the implant is taken out temporarily to remove the thickened capsule.

After Five to 10 years

You might have to face a few undesired results in the long run. These are usually noticeable after a decade or 6-7 years post-surgery. These include cancer and ALCL, as well as implant leak and capsular contracture that can develop in this timeframe. You should keep these implications in mind and consult an experienced surgeon to learn about the surgical process, the inherent risks and the probability of favorable outcome before making such an expensive and vital decision.

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