5 Great Tips To Avoid Hotel Pests On A Trip

Imagine yourself on a family trip, having just checked into a hotel room. As you plop down on the bed for the much-needed shut-eye, you can’t help but scowl at the bed bugs trying their best to nosh on you. As irritating as it sounds, pests in hotel rooms are definitely bothersome and harmful, as they can climb onto your suitcase, clothes, and luggage. It is common to pick up pests on your trip if you do not take into account the following safety precautions.

Check In A Quality Hotel

While a good exterminator like Rove Pest Control can help remove any infestation in your house and garden, staying away from these bugs on your family trip can be a bit challenging. First off, arrange a stay at a high-standard hotel that gives due diligence to purging and hygiene. On a shoestring budget, your only option is to stay at a budget-friendly hotel. However, you can still find a hygienic place at an affordable price. I suggest you check online reviews on BedbugRegistry and IgoUgo to find out a clean and inexpensive place to stay at.

Keep Your Suitcase At An Appropriate Place

Make sure you place your suitcase away from the walls, a cabinet, and furniture. In addition, avoid keeping your clothes or luggage directly on the bed, the chairs or the floor. Bedbugs may crawl into your clothes or travel accessories. A good practice is to thoroughly inspect the room and its surroundings before you place your suitcase inside. Bedbugs can be anywhere in the room including the bed, curtains, sofa, and anything with fabric.

Examine The Room Carefully

Before you enter your luggage in the hotel room, make sure you thoroughly inspect it. Pull back the covers and take a good look at the mattress seams for any signs of pests. Check out the dust ruffle, the bedding, and anything with covers to make sure your luggage does not get affected. If you notice any stains or duet, have the hotel staff clear it up ASAP. Better, you ask them to change the covers.

Pay Attention To Your Luggage

Take a large plastic bag and keep your suitcase in it, especially when you are traveling. You normally tend to pick up pests during a hitch-hike, on a bus, train, air, plane cargo, and in a rental car. Always spray your suitcase with an insect repellant or pesticide before you hit the road or take the plane for a family holiday. Even during travels, it is wise to keep your clothes and luggage packed in plastic bags, so the pests do not infest your home when you return.

Wash Your Clothes Thoroughly When You Return

Inspect your clothing & luggage and wash the apparels thoroughly as soon as you return from your trip. First Vacuum and then deep clean your suitcase to ward off any risks of pest infestation. After you wash your apparels, make sure you properly launder them. Throw away the plastic bags from your luggage and clothing outside in the trash disposal bin, so you do not run the risk of any bugs taking shelter inside your home.

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