Steps You Need To Take Before Relocating To A New Town

Moving is something many people don’t want to do because it means starting a new life in a new town. Leaving behind what you are used to can seem like an uphill task, but knowing you are starting a new adventure will make you feel a little excited about the move. There will be a lot of things you will need to put into consideration when moving to a new town. It is important to plan properly because you don’t want to end up with regretting when something goes wrong during the move. Here are some steps you should take before you relocate to another town.

Financial prerequisites

Before moving to another town, you will need to ensure your finances are in order. Your debt situation should be under control and also work on your credit score. If you are going to rent your next home, the credit score will play a part because most landlords will use it when considering a tenant. You should ensure you have a job once when you get there. If the move is because of a job, consider asking for a relocation bonus. You will never know if you never ask. You might be surprised.

Create a moving budget. This will involve the amount of money you are going to need and this will include a security deposit, broker fee, possible storage, moving company, furniture, and the first month’s rent.

Choosing a location

If the relocation is because of school or job, then this step is not necessary. If you are looking to just move, look at the different locations and find out more about them. Know what you are looking for in a location, and then choose one that meets the criteria. You will need a job, making it important to factor how the industry you are in is like in the new location. The cost of living in the place you are considering should also be factored in. You might be forced to downgrade your lifestyle when you move to a new location. Do a comparison of the cost of living in your current location and where you are interested in.

Another thing you will need to do is visit the location before you decide to move. You can look for an Air BnB in the area and stay there for a couple of days to get a feel of the area. You can also check out some apartments so you can know what to expect when you start looking for a house to rent.


Moving is not a fun activity for anyone, but you have to. You should have a plan in place because it makes everything much easier. Know what needs to be done ahead of time so you have enough time to do it. You can break the big tasks into smaller ones so you can do it over a period of time without getting exhausted. You might need to get rid of some stuff you don’t use or need. You are going to start a new life in a new town, so leave some of the old behinds.

Sell some of your things. You should take things that are necessary then sell the rest online. You should do this way ahead of moving time so you have time to sell most of them by the time you move. Start packing weeks before you decide to move. There are many things you don’t use daily or weekly, start with those.

If you decide to move using a moving company, consider getting a few quotes. You might be surprised to find a company quoting half of what the other quotes. Another expense when moving is the boxes. You can go around your neighborhood on recycling day and see whether you can find free moving boxes. Another option is going to the local supermarket on shipment days.

You should also talk with the landlord about your move if you rent. If you will need to break the lease, consider talking to the landlord and finding out whether he/she is okay with your subletting the apartment until the end of the lease. This will help you avoid a fee for breaking the lease.

Securing a place to live and a job

You will need to place to leave once you move to the new town. Getting an Air BnB and living there for a month or two while looking for an apartment is one option. You will have time to feel the neighborhoods in the town, see the different options you have without having to feel pressure. This can be expensive and you might be forced to put your stuff in storage.

Another option is securing a place before making the move. You will need to do more research especially when you don’t have enough time to go through the different options. Choose a neighborhood that is right for you. Some of the factors you will need to consider include; family size, style of living, age, distance to work, and your budget.


You should have a to-do list of everything that needs to be done before moving to the new town. Securing the truck rental early is important. This is even more important when you are planning to move during a busy time. A month before making the move, go to the post office and change your address. You can do this online but you will have to spend some money. You should also make a call to the credit and debit cards to make change your address and also make arrangements for cancellation dates for your utilities.  

Make sure that all the utilities have been set up in the place you are moving to. You don’t want to get to your new place then realize that there is no water. You can also get someone to clean up the place you are currently living so you can hopefully get the security deposit back.

The above steps will help you and you need to take them before relocating.

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