Creating Strong Product Branding With Circular Labels

Every market is overflowing with old-timers and new entrants. The ultimate goal for everyone is survival. The underlying principle of coming out ahead of all the competition is low costs, high quality and brand presence. Each business has to entrench itself in the market by way of embedding their name and brand in the minds of the consumers. Hence, the marketing and promotion division of all companies have to come up with ingenious ideas that are cost-effective to forge ahead. Gaining importance in the business circles, these days, is the use of round labels. Labels are being used in a plethora of ways, most importantly, branding. Emphasis is now being placed on creating personalised sticky labels as the face of the company.

It is the circular shape of these round labels that make them stand out amongst the crowd of labels. Depending on the needs of the company and their design policy, they can choose from different diameters of round labels as well as colours. Companies may choose a plain white background to work with or follow their company’s colour theme by opting for coloured round labels. The process after that is simple. The company can either have the round sticky labels printed in-house or have them outsourced. It is the design department of a company that will create the logo and slogan on the computer templates and then print them out on the label sheets. The next step is simply to peel and paste. Most companies opt for these round labels due to the convenience factor as well as its beauty.

Create a Brand Image

The market needs to be made aware of what products are out there. It should be love at first sight. Round labels will help to identify the products in the shelf of a supermarket. It would contain the name of the product, company logo and slogan, if any. The idea is to attract the consumers towards the product, hence bright and colourful labels would always tempt a new user to try the product. After the round labels have done their job, that is swiping the product at the cash desk, it is up to the quality of the product itself to create brand loyalty.

Personalised custom printed labels should also be used as mailing labels. This way any important corporate mail that has to be sent out or any advertising material that has to be sent through direct mail will have the company’s seal on it. This way the receiver would have a clear idea where the mail came from and would prevent them from throwing the advertising mail in the bin after recognising the label. It is all about spreading the word.

Certain products need to make consumers aware of their ingredients for regulatory purposes. Companies have started to print warning signs on round labels to be pasted on their products. Certain products also have labels pasted on them containing, all the ingredients of the products and whether there are any side effects of usage. Round labels should contain all the information about the product so that consumers are in a position to make a safe choice.

Round Labels; Organise the Workspace

Office workstations attract the most clutter. Files would be sprawled across the desk and papers would take up more space than the worker himself. Hence, at crucial times when a file is needed for a meeting with the CEO, chances are it will not be found from the mound of clutter. To maintain peace of mind, organising the workspace is always a good idea. Different coloured round labels can be used to colour code the filing system according to departments. Each of the labels can have all the essential information, such as name of department and file number, printed on them so finding them in time of need becomes much easier. Certain matters in the business sphere require urgent attention. The case files for such matters can be flagged with red round labels to identify their urgency. This way, workers are sure not to miss out on important deadlines due to the mark created by round labels.

Save On Your Supplies

The business strategy for most companies is to increase sales and decrease costs. They want to attract more business without increasing their operational expense. That means most of the marketing departments will be on a strict budget. Hence attracting customers will have to be done in a an economical way. For larger projects, it becomes cost-effective to buy label sheets in bulk, hence saving on the cost per label. Furthermore, if the round sticky labels are designed and printed by the in-house team, the cost automatically decreases. Using round labels are bound to attract more customers without pinching the marketing budget too much.

Printing eye-catching round labels are now entrenched in the promotion strategy of most companies as they help to build the brand and advertise the product.


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