Is Your Freaky Roommate a Criminal?

Roommate drama is real, even life-threatening. As the case studies below show, you can’t always predict what lengths people will go to when they want to spite you, especially when you spend significant time in close quarters.

Experts in background checks recommend that you find out about your roommate’s past before you move in. Search USA People ( will “help you check criminal records in a breeze, but it will also open other doors to useful information. You can find previous addresses, associates, business links, contact details, schools attended, and other pertinent information when you do your research,” according to the service’s website.

Here are examples of some extreme cases that may have been avoided with a proper background check.

Connecticut Student Harrassed by Racist Roommate

At the University of Hartford, a freshman who harassed her black roommate has been expelled and charged with hate crimes charge after admitting to placing body fluids on her roommate’s toothbrush and book bag.

Hartford Police charged 18-year-old Brianna Brochu with intimidation due to bigotry after she intimidated her roommate and bragged about it on social media. The story went viral following a two-hour Facebook live video by the former roommate, Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe, which went viral in October.

Penn State Student Uses Roommates Debit Card to Access Porn

A Penn State student stole his ex-roommate’s debit card to buy $15,000 of pornographic content over a three-year period. Parker Schoem’s ex-roommate left school to serve in the South Korean Army. When he returned in August, his bank account was $10,000 lighter. Police traced the purchases to an email address that belonged to Schoem, a 21-year-old from Germantown, Maryland, who also allegedly confessed to using the debit card for pornograpy during the past couple of years.

Schoem didn’t even remember how he got the information but remembered that his ex-roommate often ordered wings and thought maybe he memorized it at that time. The four charges he faces are, unauthorized device use, deception, identity theft, and he was charged with four felonies, theft by unlawful taking, unauthorized device access, theft by deception and identity theft.

Wisconsin Man Stabs Roommate

An Onalaska man was arrested for disorderly conduct an aggravated battery after he was accused of stabbing his roommate in the neck. Aaron M. Petras, was arrested after getting into a fight after they had been drinking.

The argument turned physical when they got home and Petras grabbed a knife and hit the victim until the blade broke, and then used a second knife to continue attaching the man. When the victim started to bleed he lend with friends to seek medical attention.

Petras told police he didn’t know what the fight was about.

How to Avoid Crazy Roommate Syndrome

To avoid your own roommate drama, besides running background checks, remember to use common rules of courtesy.

  1. If someone empties the toilet paper roll, they should put on a new one, because no one wants to be stuck in that situation.
  2. Everyone should respect a roommate’s toiletries. Just because there’s new moisturizer in the bathroom, doesn’t mean someone can help themselves Sephora-style.
  3. For those who borrow clothes without asking. This cardinal offense can make enemies (a vengeful one?) out of the best of friends.
  4. Refill the water cooler when there’s nothing left, instead of using the last cool, clean water.
  5. If food and snack are open and permission has been given, then it’s okay to eat it. Otherwise, no one should open new packages of food unless they bought it. Please, if the bag of chip isn’t open don’t open it. If you do, put on a chip clip to keep the contents fresh.
  6. Even worse, don’t eat leftovers in the fridge. First, it’s hardly hygienic. Second, it’s extremely thoughtless and rude.

It’s important to report suspicious activity from odd roommates if their behavior becomes abusive or threatening in nature. The more people who speak up sooner, the fewer headlines like the one above will arise.

Search USA People using multiple sources of data for your investigation. ”

People search engine has been designed in such a way that one or two details can be enough to help you find the scoop on real people. But do understand that just like any kind of technology, it’s not perfect; although it can definitely support your research needs. Because of this, it will be ideal for you to make use of people search engine plus other online channels like social media platforms to get more personal details.”

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