The Newest Technology In Medical Adhesives

Medicine keeps advancing. It’s keeping us all a little healthier. With the newest technology, our acute or chronic conditions are doing a lot better or disappearing all together. One advancement in medicine is truly saving lives. Advancements in medical adhesives have brought bones back together, have joined tissue, and have also improved wound care. Medical adhesives are saving lives. The industry is improving drug delivery systems, and medical device assembly. This helps people get the care they need faster. It’s important to keep up to date on the newest technology so that you can see what it can do for you.

Transdermal Drug Patches

The right adhesive keeps drugs flowing to a person for longer and at a greater consistency. This makes the patch more effective in the long run. Thanks to the improvement to the patch’s adhesive this way of receiving medicine has increased over the years. Transdermal drug patches have seen a market increase that has more than doubled over the past five years. It’s silly to give a patient a patch that’s going to fall off. Now that they’re made with the right adhesive this worry is a thing of the past.

Medical Devices

Medical devices are sometimes implanted in a patient so that they may serve a certain function that their body is no longer capable of. For instance, someone may receive a pacemaker if their heart is no longer capable of keeping a steady beat. This would make up for the loss in function.

Medical devices have grown as an industry. The industry now reaches a gross income that is over 40 billion dollars a year. With new advances in the adhesives from  that help construct the devices, the industry has recently seen a growth that is over twelve percent.

A medical device that is properly constructed with the right adhesive will stay in the body longer. This is better for the patient since it makes it less likely there will need to be surgery to replace the device in the future. Even with insurance companies pitching in procedures that replace knee replacements can cost thousands of dollars when it comes to out of pocket. It means more money in everyone’s wallet.

Bonding Human Tissue

Sometimes muscles tear. This can cause a loss of mobility. It can render someone unable to get out of bed without a wheelchair. Surgery may be necessary to repair the torn muscle. New advances in medical adhesives have made it so that a torn muscle can be easier repaired by a simple procedure. This is profitable to the patient because their torn leg is repaired enough to return to work. It’s profitable to health care professionals because they now have a procedure that’s appealing to patients.

Bringing Back Together Bones

Sometimes bones completely split off. This is known as the common broken bone. It may happen to a kid who falls off their bicycle. It can be tough to heal when a bone is completely spit. On some occasions surgery is necessary. Adhesives used during surgery can help repair the damaged bone and bring it back together.

In the old days a broken bone used to cripple a person for life. Thanks to the new advancements in medical adhesives, that person can have all the mobility they would have had before. If surgery is necessary, a good adhesive can show the bone how to heal properly.

Thanks to the effectiveness of medical adhesives and emergency surgery the procedure is more common than it used to be. This has lead to an increase in the profit that goes along with every new type of surgery. Hospitals are raking in billions of dollars more a year thanks to the advancement in medical adhesives for bone healing.

Covering Wounds Longer

The advancement in medical adhesives have made taking care of everyday injuries easier as well. Band aid adhesive has gotten stronger. This has lead to less wounds getting infected. It has also made the market better for band aids. More people are willing to buy them now that they now they won’t fall off when properly applied. Band aids are a billion dollar industry. People are always going to fall off their bicycles are scrap themselves. Their more likely to purchase a band aid that has the newest adhesive technology because no one likes changing them. Therefore, the advancements in this industry matter.

Waterproof band aids are especially important for the summer. Swimming pools are famous for taking bandages off. This improvement in adhesive technology has made it so that a band aid can be worn in the wettest of climates and stay on the entire time. Don’t let a wet season make you vulnerable to infection.

How Is This Helping You?

The advancements made in medical adhesives have saved people from having to have surgery or other procedures which leads to a greater cost. Of course, it’s helping the medical industry by making their devices and procedures more effective, but it’s also helping you by reducing the amount of medical expenses you’ll acquire by making the care you do receive and the medical devices you do purchase more effective.

Tired Of Having To Replace That Band Aid?

Medical adhesives affect us in our day to day lives. Whether we realize it or not, we are running into problems where medical adhesives are needed. You may have never had to have knee replacement surgery, but it is likely you’ve accidentally cut your finger while chopping up salads for dinner. The medical adhesive in the band aid you used protected your wound from becoming infected. This was only done by using the newest technology and it saved you from the cost of having to buy antibiotics.

Where Will Medical Adhesives Go Next?

Who knows? They may be able to reattach decapitated heads soon. Medical technology is always growing. The advancements in the industry have lead to better adhesives. This in turn lead to higher profits and more effective treatments. Who knows what it’ll do next?

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