The Quest for the Top Nootropics

The quest for excellence at work, in education or any other field of life has led people to search for the best nootropic stack that can help boost their brain power and enhance their cognitive abilities. But the variety of brain health supplements available in the market is confusing. The solution lies in reading reviews of the top nootropics at unbiased sites like Smart Pill Guide for complete information on these nootropic supplements.

Understanding the Available Nootropics

In order to make the right choice of the top nootropic supplement, you should be aware of the various types available and their role in improving mood, focus and learning abilities. Before you choose the best nootropic stack, it is important to know how the various categories work.

Nootropic supplements are generally categorized into:

  • Racetams: The most common and popular type of nootropic, this group has oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen as its components. Known to improve memory and focus, besides improving energy levels, this category of nootropics is neuroprotective and thus works to increase the rate of cell re-growth.
  • Choline: This category refers to choline supplements and has a positive impact on memory and learning ability. Often stacked with racetams, these supplements are suitable for people who are deficient in choline, a water-soluble nutrient essential for brain function.
  • Vitamin B Derivatives: Widely used to treat degenerative brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, this category is one of the top nootropic supplements. These supplements are derived from the B vitamins.
  • Peptides: One of the most potent nootropics, this category is highly effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier. Due to their effect on glutamate and acetylcholine, this category of nootropics works to improve learning capabilities, brain energy and the level of brain alertness.
  • Natural Nootropics: One of the safest categories, being derived from plant or natural herb extracts, this type of nootropics improve brain health as well as its ability to function. Using ingredients like Gingkgo Biloba and Bacopi Monneri, these supplements are counted amongst the top nootropics available in the market.
  • Smart Drugs: These stimulants are slightly different from nootropics but often confused with them. Some smart drugs do function like nootropics but basically work to increase the neurotransmitter, hyprocretin, which in turn boosts energy levels. These drugs, however, have some side effects, so must be taken carefully and in accordance with the dosage instructions.
  • Ampakines: This category of brain supplements is quite strong and has a direct impact on the glutamate receptors. And a major positive feature of this category of nootropics is that they do not have much side effects.

Often confused with one other, these nootropics have some distinct characteristics and benefits and thus should be chosen wisely. To get a better idea about the various types of supplements like Excelerol & Doxiderol, read nootropic reviews on unbiased and trusted sites.

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