Study Proves that Improving Memory Is as Easy as Doing the Waltz

When the memory begins to fail, some people begin to fear it is an early sign of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. There are many reasons the memory may fail, however. Sometimes it’s a matter of not getting enough sleep or having a dysfunctional thyroid. Because there are different reasons for memory failure, knowing the root cause is helpful when finding ways to improve memory.

For those who want to do everything they can to protect and improve memory function, there are a myriad of things to try including eating less sugar, drinking less alcohol, and using nootropic supplements, such as Pramiracetam powder. One more effective, not to mention fun, way to improve memory is to take up dancing.

The brain contains 85 billion neurons and while it is made up of three primary parts, these are broken down into smaller parts. Of all these smaller parts of the brain, six of them are dedicated to memory function. The brain is quite complex and much research is being done to understand exactly how it functions.

One thing scientists know for certain is that besides memory function, the brain is responsible for creative thought, muscle movements, and physical reactions. Dancing has proven to enhance these functions of the brain, especially when it comes to memory. In one particular case study, dancing was so effective for improving memory that it helped to protect the mind from dementia.

According to the 21-year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine76 percent of the participants had less symptoms of dementia because they danced on a regular basis. The study was conducted to see what types of physical or cognitive recreational activities could influence the mental acuity of senior citizens.

Other activities performed by the participants included reading, swimming, playing golf, and doing crossword puzzles at least four times a week. Dancing that required a lot of split-second decision-making in the lead and follow roles were especially beneficial for improving memory and mental acuity.

Besides improving memory, dancing is good for the overall health of the brain. While dancing, blood gets pumped to the brain, giving it adequate amounts of oxygen to function well. These optimum oxygen levels combined with dancing helps the hippocampus and the cerebral cortex to become rewired. The hippocampus is largely responsible for converting temporary memories into permanent ones and the cerebral cortex helps to regulate body movement.


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