The hottest Halloween party ideas for 2018

Halloween is right around the corner, and smart party hosts and hostesses are gearing up to make this year’s spooky soires the best and brightest — as well as the scariest.

So what’s on the menu for ghoulish gatherings in 2018? Here are a few spooktacular ideas for your mummy meeting:

Bobbing for apples, the adult way

apples photo

While the kiddies are out trick-or-treating, gather the adults around a tub full of floating apples — floating in sangria, that is. Even if no one grabs hold of an apple, after a few sips of the sweet and fruity floating medium who cares?

Name that monster!

monster photo

Did you know that Bela Lugosi was offered the part of the Frankenstein monster and turned it down — and that’s why Boris Karloff got a crack at it? There are a slew of free horror trivia games online that you can download and play with friends and family while the zombie fondue is warming up . . .

Wrap things up with this game

mummy photo

It’s an oldie, but ghouly. Divide into teams; each team picks a member to be the mummy. Provide each team with tons of TP and make it a race — the first team to completely conceal their mummy in Charmin wins. The Snapchat and Instagram results will be boo-tiful . . .

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