Interesting Places to Visit in Costa Rica for Couples

Costa Rica features as a regular on travel bucket lists. And after several years of considering, you’ve finally decided to visit. You’ve searched for flights and checked out the affordable costa rica villas for rent. Now it’s time to start planning your dream adventure. But that’s often easier said than done, especially with the vast diversity in destinations and activities. Until now. Keep reading and discover the best places to visit in Costa Rica suitable for couples.

Costa Rica’s cosmopolitan capital San Jose

Most travellers start their Costa Rica adventure in the capital city, San Jose. Flights connect the airport to major cities in the United States and Latin America. Fortunately, San Jose has a lot to offer as well as acting as a transport hub. Expect to arrive in a modern metropolitan city with a strong Spanish colonial heritage. Step outside the city and find mountains, plateaus and breath-taking landscapes. Culture lovers can hit the museums (recommend Casa Amarilla and National Museum) while foodies can taste endless dishes in the hundreds of restaurants. Add in the accommodation, an abundance of green spaces, and you have a vibrant capital city. Most travellers spend at last two or three days in San Jose. Couples will find countless opportunities for romance. Why not head to the world-class restaurants or stroll in the early evening in the historic part of town?

Day trips to the historical town and volcano in Cartago

If you’re staying in San Jose, having a day trip to Cartago is a must. The town is the home of the highly active Iraza Volcano some 25 kilometres (16 miles) from the capital. In the past, eruptions destroyed the former settlements, and the legacy of this remains today. When you arrive, you’ll notice the juxtaposition of a modern centre surrounded by elements of history. Tourists can either visit Cartago as part of a day trip or spend the night. If you choose the second option, it gives you more opportunities to explore the town, nearby coffee plantations and the mountains.

Spend a few days in surfer’s heaven at Nosara.

Located in Guanacaste Province, Nosara is one of the most famous surfing spots in the world. The stretch of coastline gets waves several metres in height and attracts surfers from around the globe. The chilled-out town has a hint of a hippie vibe and most visitors are backpackers. Apart from hitting the waves, tourists can take part in regular yoga sessions, go horseback riding and visit turtle nesting sites. Add in the kayaking, white-sand beaches and a relaxed atmosphere, and it creates the ideal destination to relax. While most visitors tend to be surfers, Nosara does act as a magnet for couples looking for a beach retreat.

Go Snorkelling in Samara

Samara, a short drive from Nosara, allures a different breed of traveller: Snorkelers and scuba divers. Unlike its neighbours, the water here tends to be still creating ideal conditions for snorkelling in its protected coral reef. Add in a long beach, warm waters and beachside vacation rents. Not only does a trip to Samara give you privacy and exclusivity, but you can also get a taste of Costa Rica’s famed biodiversity. Travellers usually combine a trip to Samara with Nosara and often spend at least three nights.

Costa Rica’s cowboy country

For a different Central American experience, head up to Liberia near the Nicoya Peninsula. The once thriving cowboy country has an air of rustic romance with historical quarters and Spanish colonial buildings. Stay at one of the luxurious hotels in the centre of town and embrace the environment. Why not visit the museums and learn more about the town’s fascinating past or visit Rincon de la Vieja Volcano? Liberia rarely hits the radar for couples, but it does offer serendipitous romance and is highly recommended. If you’re in Liberia, you can also consider crossing the nearby border into Nicaragua.

Embrace Costa Rica’s unmatched biodiversity in Santa Rosa National Park

Located in the northwest, Santa Rosa National Park is a favourite with nature-lovers. At almost 50 years old, Santa Rosa has attracted travellers for decades. Expect to find dense rainforests and jungle trails leading to secluded beaches. Monkeys sit in the branches as colourful birds fly overhead. Add in the countless species of flowers, the sounds of the rainforest and a lack of tourists. If you do decide to visit, it’s strongly recommended to get a guide. This gives you the chance to get to some of the more inaccessible parts of the national park as well as gain some insight into its biodiversity. Camping facilities are available inside Santa Rosa too.

Have a beach retreat to Puerto Viejo

If you want to hit the beaches, head to Puerto Viejo. The small seaside town along the Caribbean coast lies near the southern border with Panama. Expect pristine beaches with gentle waves ideal for catching a few sun rays. Add in the multiple chances for water sports including kayaking and sea fishing. You can find a handful of luxurious accommodation along with budget-friendly guesthouses in the town too. Those looking for more of a private retreat can head to the quieter areas and have their own section of beach. Apart from catering to backpackers and beach-lovers, Puerto Viejo is also a haven for honeymooners.

The best places in Costa Rica for couples

Whether you like beaches or rainforests, Costa Rica provides romance at almost every turn – If you know where to look. Regardless of your budget or travel goals, you’re sure to have an unforgettable trip to Costa Rica.

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