Technologies That Help Businesses Get An Edge In Sales

Every single business needs a very strong sales team that uses the right tools in order to succeed. Unfortunately, competition is so high that it will be difficult to give sales edges. Fortunately, technology can always help. Here are some types that are going to help sales teams fight off competition while increasing sales.

Social Selling Tools

The salespeople that are focusing on social media platform are normally going to outsell colleagues in the majority of time. Social selling tools should thus be used by your team so an edge is gained. Basically, you have 3 social selling tool types that you can use:

  • Listening – This allows you to understand what the audience discusses and what is important. Social listening software is going to break down audience interests and can identify influencers. Brand mentions can also be tracked.
  • Content Posting And Creation – You spend a lot of time posting to social media so such tools make the process easier. Scheduling across multiple platforms is a huge advantage for a sales department.
  • Integration – This helps augment existing customer records thanks to information gathered from the social media networks. Invest in social CRM and you get a much better understanding of who the customers and prospects are.

Competitive Analysis Tools

It is hard to find high-value, untouched accounts when trying to make sales. You can use the very best possible Cannabis POS on the market and still fail if you do not analyze the competition. That is why you have to use tools that will find similar accounts that are untouched. There are tools that give you access to huge customer databases that can be used to identify high-value prospects. An automatic competitive analysis tool will allow you and your team to spend much less time researching, with more time being available for selling.

Email Tracking Software

You should always have tools available that can track email campaign open rates, click-through rates and attachment opens. This offers a clear, competitive edge, with many tools allowing you to send highly personalized emails. Advanced email tracking software is focused on real-time results and actionable events. You know exactly how email marketing is improved. Such flexibility will allow the sales team to find brand new prospects, with more business being closed in the future.

Motivational Tools

Salespeople have to be highly competitive in order for success to be achieved. This is why the appropriate incentives have to be offered at the right times. You want to have a system in place that is going to find what motivates your salespeople and actually delivers that. Just find something that can be integrated into the CRM system you use so that everything is automatically updated.

Contract Management Software

By integrating a Contract Management Software into your business, you can fully optimise your business functions. A Contract Management Software (CMS) gives you a full visual of your contracts, their status, pending renewals, etc. According to studies, businesses lose over 9% of their annual income due to poor contract management.

Document Analytics

Quote generation is quite critical but it is not a focus for most companies. There are many cases where sales staff issue quotes that are just too high. The exact opposite can also happen and cash is left on the table. Try to find software that calculates discounts and profit margins, with CRM system integration being preferred.

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