What Factors Might Affect Your Impaired Driving Case?

When you get pulled over for impaired driving, many different things can happen. Depending on the severity of the charge and your criminal history, you may find yourself needing to seek out an impaired driving lawyer as soon as possible to help with the case as it goes to trial. When you talk with your lawyer, there are several items that you may need to present that have bearing on your case. Some of things you should keep in mind from the moment you get pulled over to the first meeting with your lawyer include the following.

Prior Criminal Record

If you have a criminal record, either from past impaired driving arrests or other offenses, either pending or resolved, then you should disclose this information to your lawyer immediately. This may affect the approach to the case. The severity of the impaired driving charge might also increase depending on previous offenses. If you have been arrested for DUI before, you may be at risk of losing your license. If you have certain items on your record, such as home assault charges, your offence may mean that you have violated parole or a court order as well. Consulting with your lawyer in an open, honest, and forthright manner can allow them to prepare a defence that will take these prior issues into account.

Level of Intoxication

The degree to which you were intoxicated when you got pulled over and what substances you had used can potentially play a role in both your arrest and your trial. If you were using illegal substances that were impairing your driving, you could potentially find yourself facing other criminal charges in addition to the DUI charge. On the other hand, if you were under the influence of legal substances and were not intoxicated much beyond the legal limit, you might have a much stronger case. Although instruments for determining intoxication have become more precise over the years, there is still room for misreads and reasonable doubt, which a lawyer can use to defend you as the trial approaches.

Behavior of the Arresting Officer

When you get pulled over, you should make sure to remember as many details about the arresting officer and any unusual or belligerent behavior you notice from the police. Some police officers stick to the books more than others, and some have a habit of instigating severe reactions from those they pull over. As soon as possible following the DUI charge, you should write up a detailed report that tells your side of the story. Your lawyer can then compare your report with the account of the officer to find inconsistencies or possible breaches of protocol.

While each of these factors can impact your case in a positive or negative way, the best way to reap any positive benefit from them is to hire an impaired driving lawyer who has experience in your region. This individual can minimize potential damages and maximize possible boons that might swing your case from a guilty verdict to an innocent one.

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