Top Gym Workouts for American Ninja Warrior

Jessie Graff is a prominent stunt person on Ninja American Warrior. She plans on competing with a dozen other members of the American Dream Team when they take on a team of world-recognized professional ninjas on Sunday nights this coming fall on the NBC network. She confesses that getting to the level of fitness where she felt comfortable taking on such formidable opponents was much harder than she originally thought it would be.


She says that each Warrior Ninja training course varies, depending on the needs and condition of the individual. But the main focus is always going to be on how to adapt to obstacles that are unfamiliar or camouflaged. Graff has come up with a series of physical tests that anyone can attempt to find out if they are physically fit enough to engage in the kind of Ninja Warrior gymnastics that it takes to win through a course of City Finals. Grouping these exercises together will give the participant a rough idea of what to expect and how to best cope with things in the real world of ninja competition. Graff promises that anyone with the discipline to do her daily routine without break is probably good material for City Finals competition. Take only a ten second breather between each set:

10 skate in place jumping jacks.

4 wide shoulder pull ups.

8 narrow pull ups

10 jumping squats

10 chin ups

14 alternate wide and narrow pull ups

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