An Introduction to D. Gary Young: His Legacy

Throughout his life, D. Gary Young fostered a love for learning how to harness all of the benefits of nature. He became passionate in particular about essential oils and the healing power they can offer to people who suffer from all types of health conditions. Thanks to his devotion to creating and offering essential oils to the public, D. Gary Young now has a legacy that will endure for years to come. 

About Gary Young 

Gary Young was born in 1949 and was raised in a house with no electricity or running water. After he reached adulthood, he made plans to move to Canada to work in the logging and mining industries. However, while he was working on a logging crew, he suffered a devastating injury to his head and back that left him paralyzed. 

As he recovered, he began studying homeopathic medicine, which eventually led to him being introduced to essential oils. He became passionate about essential oils and the health benefits they can offer to people. He studied with leading essential oil experts in Europe, Turkey, and other locations around the world before forming his own company called Young Living Essential Oils. 

Young and his wife Mary went on to purchase seven farms located around the globe including countries like Ecuador and Uganda. On these farms, they raise herbs and flowers that are used in the creation of the company’s essential oils product lines. They welcome members of the public to the farms each year, hosting family days and fun events that are designed to educate people about the uses and benefits of essential oils. 

About the Company 

Young Living was founded in 1993 and has since become a successful MLM company that boasts millions of dollars in sales each year. While Gary Young was its founder and longest serving CEO, it is now headed by Young’s wife Mary. After Gary retired from his CEO position, he still remained active in the company. The company released a statement shortly after he stopped heading the company, stating that “Gary will continue his work in the wellness field as he writes books and shares his knowledge of essential oils.” 

The company continues to offer high-quality essential oils, most of which are farmed and created from ingredients grown right on the Young’s numerous global farms. The company has a program called Seed to Seal, which guarantees that the oils are made from herbs and flowers grown and harvested on the Young’s properties. The oils do not contain ingredients or artificial additives that compromise their quality or integrity. 

The company also continues to research and perfect the manner in which its essential oils are crafted. The leaders of the enterprise are committed to offering essential oils that can benefit people suffering from a host of illnesses and injuries including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and others conditions. The products continue to be sold both online and in stores and have earned a reputation for being some of the highest quality essential oils that are available to the public. 

Unprecedented Growth 

In February 2016, the company announced that it had topped $1 billion in sales for the first time in its history. It became just one of nine essential oils manufacturers to top the $1 billion mark. The company’s COO credited much of the company’s success to its dedicated leaders and members. 

The profitability of the company is also owed in part to its expanded manufacturing and shipping operations, which allow it to serve more customers throughout the world in a faster and more precise manner. In 2014 alone, the company doubled its staff to more than 2000 employees. It also added a call center, which alone employs more than 500 people. Thanks to the doubling of employees and the new call center, the company was able to open itself to three new markets around the globe. 

All of this growth took place under the leadership of Gary Young. Young, an expert in the field of essential oils, founded the company in 1993 and served as its CEO before stepping down in November 2015. The company is now headed by his wife Mary. 

Gary Young created a legacy in the field of essential oils, a legacy that will endure for decades into the future. His commitment to and passion for essential oils fueled the growth of his company. It now serves dozens of markets around the world and is one of the foremost leaders in the essential oils industry. His legacy is kept alive by his wife Mary who now serves as the company’s CEO. 


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