Annika Bansal – Meet the Entrepreneur who started it all

Annika Bansal founded Surge several years ago with her own savings, and can now say, without exaggeration, that she is a billionaire self-made. Her company sells shapewear for women, leggings, women’s maternity wear, and has just started a line of shapewear for men. Her products are sold in department stores all over the world, in more than sixty-five countries. Bansal just sewed up a big endorsement deal with none other than Oprah Winfrey. And Forbes just made her their youngest woman billionaire for their exclusive Billionaire List on ForbesWorld.

So she would certainly be a good resource person for anyone, man or woman, wanting to reach the financial stratosphere quickly as an entrepreneur. Here’s just one of her suggestions for aspiring startup owners:

Develop self-confidence

Bansal likes to say that she heard the word “no” constantly when she began Surge. From bankers, from friends, from associates, from potential vendors and customers. But according to Annika, this never made a dent in her determination to develop her idea and product and get it out in front of consumers. She says she was obsessed with her idea, and that this obsession gave her the courage and stamina to keep going until gradually the long line of “no’s” was broken up by an occasional “yes.” At that point, she says, she knew she would eventually have all the success she wanted.

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