The Outstanding Financial Acumen of Graeme Holm

The customer-oriented approach of Graeme Holm’s organization, Infinity Group Australia, has brought a lot of popularity to the gentleman and the firm itself. The organization was established in 2013 by Graeme Holm and his wife, who is currently his business partner, with the aim of liberating the common Australians from the great exploitation they had been facing from the local financial institutions, especially the lenders. Most of the lending firms used to take advantage of the borrowers’ ignorance by charging them high-interest rates and also some other hidden charges.

During this time, Holm was working for the big banks in the country, and he was never satisfied with the kind of service that the customers of these firms were getting.

Graeme realized and felt that a huge gap existed in the customer service section of the organizations and that the customers deserved better than they got. This motivated him, in partnership with his wife, Rebecca Walker, to form a firm that could act as a personal banker to the customers. This is how they formed Infinity Group Australia. After the formation of the firm, they went a step farther from what other financial institutions offered their clients. The duo understood that customer satisfaction entailed a lot more than just giving loans and mortgages to the customers that needed them. They understood with deep clarity that some of the clients were not educated enough to maneuver in the management of the loans that they borrowed.

This is how Graeme initiated the aspect of customer advice to the firm. Infinity Group Australia offers detailed advice, reviews and loan budgets to its customers on a monthly basis so that the borrowers can keep a clear track record of the payments and the outstanding balances of their loans. They also provide their clients with advice on debt management, solutions to retirement and wealth creation. Through this noble initiative, the rate at which clients pay their loans has rapidly increased, with the number of loan defaulters drastically reducing. The monthly loan status reports and reviews have also enhanced the quick rate at which the borrowers refund their loans.

The Infinity Group Australia reviews show that the customers are very satisfied with the kind of service that they receive from the company. Most of them confess that the pieces of advice they get about the proper management of their debts have gone a long way in the improvement of their financial positions. They say that unlike before, when the company had not been introduced in the industry, now they can afford a smile knowing that their worries of financial challenges have all been absorbed by Infinity Group. They are now happy with their family with the understanding that their financial problems are sorted out.

Infinity Group Australia reviews also indicate that the customer service at the organization is of top-shelf quality. This can be attributed to the strong leadership of the director of the firm, Graeme Holm, and the co-leader, Rebecca Walker who happens to be his wife too. Credit can also not be denied to the group of employees that who implement their professional skills in the handling of their clients. The personnel at the Infinity Group are all very determined to ensure that their customers are ever smiling.

Graeme has also been very instrumental in nurturing young entrepreneurs. The main advice that he offers to them is to stay focused and stop wavering in their search for the right talent that they may be having. Focusing on the activities that they do with passion will lead them to the realization of their dreams and talents. He also advises the young entrepreneurs that they shouldn’t feel offended by offering their free services. This is one of the ways to build confidence among the potential clients.

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