Barbara Stokes is a Powerful and Important Female Leader in Alabama

I would like to take a minute to appreciate the work of CEO Barbara Stokes. She is a powerful female leader in our Alabama community and she heads up Green Structure Homes of Alabama. This company has been providing temporary structure solutions to governments, charitable organizations and private companies over the last few years.

The company’s solutions are absolutely remarkable. Green Structure Homes of Alabama are capable of delivering a temporary structure to just about any site in America. The structures can be mobile and modular for commercial purposes or more permanent to serve as residential structures. And the company has plenty of experience dealing with those in dire need.

Barbara Stokes started the company as a disaster relief contractor. She came to found the company after working for the Pisces Corporation and the Boeing Corporation. There she gained critical experience working with government contracts which have had a carryover effect on her leadership at Green Structure Homes of Alabama. GSH Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States government to deliver temporary housing to victims of natural disasters.

This puts Green Structure Homes of Alabama in the right place. The Gulf Coast is often affected by natural disasters with Hurricane Katrina being the most stunning example. Green Structure Homes of Alabama was there for the citizens of the Gulf Coast just after Hurricane Harvey laid waste to large swaths of Texas and Louisiana. FEMA granted Barbara Stokes and her company $26 million in order to construct temporary housing for those affected.

Her company works at a blistering pace. Engineers have figured out how to use safe and eco-friendly materials to construct temporary housing in an instant. This speed allows the company to get families back up onto their feet as quickly as possible. It restores some semblance of normalcy in the wake of a natural disaster.

Barbara Stokes studied biomedical engineering and physics at Mercer University. She took a keen interest in the management of manufacturing while at college. She also attended classes where she studied the properties of materials as well as thermodynamics. She graduated in 2001 and has been using her acquired knowledge to promote the work of Green Structure Homes of Alabama.

Barbara and her company are an integral part of the Huntsville, Alabama, community. She is a mother of three and cares deeply about the families living in Alabama. She is an active volunteer but also uses her company’s resources to give back to the community.

Last June, Barbara ordered her company to donate $75,000 worth of building materials to Habitat for Humanity. This year, she donated more than $50,000 worth of drywall and hardie fascia board. She used her company’s network of logistics to deliver the building materials straight to the doorstep of Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity in the Huntsville area builds homes for families that are experiencing hardships. They’ve been working in the community for 31 years and have housed over 200 families while constructing over 200 new homes. They offer their targeted families no-interest mortgages for the cost of materials. And Barbara’s donation should reduce that cost greatly.

Habitat for Humanity uses volunteer labor to keep costs low. They also use donated materials such as the drywall and hardie fascia board that GSH donated. The charitable organization plans to build nine new homes using the building materials this year. This outpaces the charitable organization’s prolific building history and this explosion of building has been aided by GSH. They have also announced plans to store any leftover building materials for use on future projects or those materials may be sold to promote other charitable endeavors.

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