Best Web Design Tips to Improve Conversion Rates

Are you looking to increase conversation rates on your website? Well, then you have come to the right place because we are going to discuss some simple tips to implement in order to improve the conversation rates on your websites. Website design plays a key role — and sometimes the smallest tweaks can result in the largest improvements.

Many marketers make the mistake of underestimating the importance of a well though-out website design. They focus on the importance of social media, SEO, etc. but fail to realize that without a website designed to convert traffic, it’s essentially useless. Looks alone will not turn traffic into buyers. Here are a few things to consider.

Responsive Web Design

Gone are the days when users only used to visit your website through their PCs and laptops. Today, most of the traffic to a website is generated through mobile phones, increasing the importance of having a responsive web design.

“Accessing a website that is designed strictly for a personal computer on a mobile device can be extremely annoying, requiring the user to zoom in to read text and images. They will simply leave if the experience is poor,” says Christopher VanDeCar, CEO of Optimally Organic. But, when you have a responsive web design it can automatically adjusts itself to any screen size, you ensure that every visitor has a pleasant experience. You eliminate the chance of converting traffic if they have trouble navigating your website.

Use Inviting Images

“Most consumers are visual by nature, and an image is going to speak to them more than a block of text,” explains Darryl Howard of NuWays MD, a stem cell therapy provider. “Make sure your website features images that help explain your products or service. Inviting images that capture attention can help to push the visitor to convert into a sale or lead.”

However, keep in mind that the more images on a page, the slower the page will load, unless you are using quality hosting and an image compressing program. There are many plugins available for free that will automatically compress your images, creating faster page loading speed.

Testimonials and Reviews

In order to establish a trust-based relationship with your customers the you should have a separate section for testimonials and reviews on your website. Consumers like to know what others have to say about a particular business before making a purchase decision.

“Whether it’s before making a purchase on Amazon or making dinner reservations, the average consumer is going to read reviews,” explains Luqman Khan, Founder of Wireloo, a company that reviews top dash cams. “Take initiative and make it easy for your customers to leave reviews. The more quality reviews you can gather, the higher your conversion rates will be.”

Creating a separate section that houses all of your testimonials and reviews on your site should be easily accessible and you should also link out to all of your review platforms, allowing customers to quickly and effortlessly review your business.

Strong Call-to-Action Buttons

The goal of driving traffic to your website is to have them convert. In order to do this, you need a strong call-to-action that they can’t ignore. “Make sure you have your call-to-action visible on your site. It’s a good idea to make sure it’s above the fold and visible as soon as someone lands on your website from any device,” offers Jake Braun of ChopperExchange, a website offering tips to sell your Harley.

This is where the importance of the color and the position of the call-to-action button matters the most. Therefore, you need to make sure that the color of the button is impossible to miss and is also positioned in the right place so that the visitors can see it clearly.

Content Placement

The placement of your content on your website is also very important and helps in influencing the decisions of your customers. According to research, humans have the tendency to follow a visual pattern on the page. That is, they read from the top left side of the page and gradually move to the right. Statistically, the top left part of the page gets more attention.

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