5 Essential Things New Recruiting Agencies Should Know

Too many times, recruitment consultants get into the industry, hoping to hit the ground running and make a name for themselves only to end up making mistakes and in some cases, lose everything. The truth is that it takes more than passion, determination and dedication to succeed in the employment industry. Of course, these things are vital but having a laid down plan of action is just as important.

If you are new to recruitment, the following information will help ease your entry into the industry.

Know how the business works

A lot of people know that a recruitment agency is the go-between between employers and job seekers, but it actually goes a bit further than that. A recruitment agency does not just connect job seekers with employers; they are also faced with the task of supplying the right candidates for specific job roles. In fact, the reputation of a recruitment agency rests on meeting this demand, and that involves the intensive effort of sourcing the ideal candidates, liaising with the client, securing the recruitment and ensuring that both parties are satisfied. This is actually the foundation of a successful recruitment firm.

Lack of experience matters, or it doesn’t

The failure of many recruitment agencies can be traced to lack of experience. Lack of experience will make a consultant make certain expensive mistakes that can ruin the agency – this happens to a lot of agencies who try to wing it along using dogged determination and intelligence. But it shouldn’t be so. Lack of experience should not be a hindrance; rather it should be an opportunity to forge partnerships that would see your agency into a successful future. Such partnerships can be forged when you make use of recruitment agency experts e.g.: New Millennia who are experts in helping people set up a recruitment agency or when you ride on the shoulders of those who are already succeeding in the industry.

Start from where you are

One mistake new agencies make is wasting time sourcing for prospects instead of starting from their sphere of influence. New recruiters are always advised to start their business with the names in their address book. It is easier to break into a new market when you start with people you have known for some time, who believe in your vision and will be willing to go to bat for you. As a new player, encourage people in your network to connect you to potential candidates and clients. This is always the best way to start.

Use social media

Social media platforms especially LinkedIn is a very important tool that can help you connect with potential clients and candidates. One of your important responsibilities is to open and maintain a vibrant social media presence. This is where you can quickly get information of upcoming seminars, conferences and job fairs. It is also a very good platform for meeting people that could eventually make up your talent pool database.

Learn to communicate

Communicating is not the ability to speak properly, unlike what a lot of people think; rather, it is the ability to listen, understand and speak. This is an essential quality of a good recruiter. Have a method of identifying the important elements in any discussion so that you can always know what a potential client or candidate actually need. And always make sure to return phone calls and emails, if for nothing, this good manners will help you stand out from the competition.

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