7 Tips For Longer Lasting Human Hair Extensions

If you’re into hair extensions, then you probably know by now that human hair extensions are a much better choice than its synthetic counterparts. Real human hair will naturally look more beautiful, but requires more effort to maintain. How do you care for your real hair extensions?

Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind if you want your human hair extensions to last longer!

Detangle with care

Before you go on your daily hair washing routine, make sure to remove all tangles as gently as possible. Just because they are not part of your real hair gives you enough reason not to treat them like one. Start from the ends and make your way up to the roots, making sure to use light and gentle movements when doing so. You can also use a brush to help detangle them.

Proper washing

Only use top quality shampoo and conditioners when washing your high quality human hair extension. Shampoos and conditioner with sulfate in them works best for human hair extensions. Doing so will keep your extensions soft and clean. However, over washing can dry them out so only wash when necessary. Wash from the roots down to the ends. Rinse and dry gently. Don’t forget – never rub! Detangle slowly and with extra care.


You just use the best products for your hair, why not do the same for your hair extensions? Make sure to moisturize them every week. You will need to do this no more than three times per week as they will have no other source of essential oils are necessary to keep them soft and in excellent condition.

Just keep brushing

Your human hair extensions need you to brush them regularly so make sure to do it often. A detangling brush would be your best choice to make sure your extensions are tangle free. Again, brush gently from the ends, working your way to the roots. You have to be patient if you want your hair extensions to last longer and in excellent condition.

Avoid in soaking up your hair extensions in chlorine or salt water

When swimming, it is best to put your hair up, keep it in a swimming cap and avoid chlorinated or salt water from splashing your hair. Clip in hair extensions is the best choice when you are out for a summer vacay since you can easily take it off. Water in swimming pools is high in chlorine while salt water can also damage your hair extensions. If you had to take a dip for your summer vacay and your clip in hair extensions got wet, wash it with your favorite shampoo and conditioner that has sulfate as soon as possible.

Dry up your hair before sleeping.

Sleeping on wet hair extensions is a big no-no. Make sure to dry your hair extensions entirely before you say goodnight to avoid it from matting and tangling. You’ll have a hard time brushing if you sleep on it while it is wet. It can also lead to weaker bonds that result in breakage.

Take it easy on the blow dryer

Lay low when it comes hair styling tools that use heat as these put your hair extensions at heat damage. Air drying is still the best option to dry your hair. When using hair straighteners or curling iron, make sure to use heat protectants.

Taking care of your hair extensions should not be so difficult. If you know what to do, what to use and what to avoid, you should be able to maintain your unnatural locks of hair in excellent condition. Make them last with a proper routine and by using only the best hair care products made especially for your hair extensions.


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