What Options Do You Have When Hiring a Crane?

Companies that offer crane services obviously don’t offer the same services. They provide a variety of options to address different needs. If you are new to hiring a crane, you may need to get acquainted with the different choices available.

Typically, companies in the UK offer at least two options for hiring a crane. Just like www.aphcranes.co.uk offers; these two options include contract lift and CPA hire. Both of which are usually offered under the conditions set by the Construction Plant Hire Association and in accordance with BS7121.

CPA hire

In a CPA hire setup, the customer pays not only for the crane but also for the operator. In this kind of crane hire service, the customer is responsible for what to do with the crane upon it arriving at the designated site. The customer is expected to become liable for what happens to the equipment as well as the operator the moment the crane leaves the pubic road and enters the site of the construction. This means that the customer plans and directs the crane’s activities, provides the needed personnel, and takes charge of the equipment insurance and other related paperwork. The customer will have to bear the responsibility of arranging the comprehensive commercial insurance for the equipment for the duration of the project.

CPA contract lift

In this option, the crane service provider handles most of what is needed to put the crane to work. Aside from providing the crane and the operator, the service provider also conducts a site visit and risk assessment, presents a method statement, takes care of the insurance, and provides accessories that may be needed for the operation. As the phrase implies, this option is a full lift contract wherein virtually everything is supplied by the crane service company.


In addition to the crane services, companies may also offer a range of accessories for short-term and long-term use. These accessories include a block grab, brick forks, concrete skip, bosuns, ekki mats, full access man riding basket, modulift lifting beams, lifting hooks, materials basket, mortar tub, pedestrian tower crane, poly mats, lattice roof truss jib, searcher hooks, steel mats, spreader beams, and wire ropes. Radios may also be offered to facilitate communication.

It would be advisable to hire a crane from a company that also offers a good range of accessories. These accessories, in a way, indicate how reliable a crane service provider is. It would be convenient getting everything you need for the crane operation from the same company to avoid problems with compatibility. Imagine the problems you may encounter if you obtained accessories from another company that turned out to be unusable for the specific crane model you have hired.

Carefully research which crane hire option is the best and most efficient for your needs. See to it that you get the best value for your money and the most suitable and convenient setup for your project. At the same time, don’t forget to properly scrutinize the competence and experience of the crane operator that will be supplied with the crane you hire.


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