Three Super Simple Ways to Keep Your Content Fresh

When you fail to create original content, your readers get bored and go elsewhere. Google also moves you to the bottom of the search ranking, which can cost you big-time on your bottom line.

According to internet marketing experts at, you should “find out what makes your business unique. Play that up when you’re talking to your customers. You can convince them why you’re special—but you have to know why, and believe it, before you master this skill.”
Here are three ways to accomplish this.

What’s Your Story?

To be original in your content, don’t do what everyone else does. For example, if you’re reviewing top restaurants in New York, don’t simply list them out. Make it an adventure, a journey of discovery for the reader.

Not everyone can write a first-hand account of these restaurants and rate them accordingly. This is valuable to your readers as a source of unique content. Your personal input and original flavor shine through like the secret ingredient of your favorite recipe.

On the other hand, you can create content that everyone’s already written about. This heavily saturated nonsense may draw attention at first, but it won’t have the ring of authenticity. So, what’s your story?

Paint a Clear Picture

Words are powerful, but they’re just the beginning. You need clients to visualize your product and services in a way that is memorable. Making this connection is how you get them coming back to your site, sharing your post on Facebook and buying your products and services.

Creating visual content isn’t just about having splashy pictures. The greatest photos in the world won’t grab attention for long if your content’s full of grammar issues or out-of-date material.

Where to Find Ideas

Open your mind when it comes up the topics for your brand. Your social and content marketing should not be static but should ebb and flow as you discuss current issues, things that are important to your readers and how this is connected to your brand.

The best way to create content is by thinking about it around the clock and always having a notepad to jot down ideas. Sometimes, when you’re out with other people, you get the best ideas about how to communicate your thoughts and ideas in an original way.

Whether you’re at an art gala with your partner or at home watching TV, you should wire your brain to be on the lookout for fresh ideas.

Follow these super simple tips to generate content that provides valuable information to your customers. You’ll be glad you did when your conversion rates begin to climb.


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