5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Car Insurance Covers

We all know that car insurance has you covered in the case of an automobile collision, but did you know your insurance may cover you for a whole host of other types of collisions and damage?


  1. Car seats

It’s illegal to drive with an infant that isn’t in a car seat. Car seats can be extremely expensive, and when they are damaged in a collision, it can be financially straining to replace them. Luckily, if you have a car seat, it’s consistently attached to your vehicle while in use, and this means it’s actually covered by the collision portion of your insurance policy or the liability coverage of the driver that caused the accident.


  1. Pothole damage

Potholes are a common driving hazard, especially for drivers who live in heavily populated urban cities. Potholes can really damage the structural integrity of your tires and your vehicle, and it’s not obvious that your insurance policy would cover this kind of damage. In fact, last year in Toronto, 900 claims were made for pothole related damage.   The good news? The collision portion of your insurance policy covers potholes; even though the claim has to be filed as an at-fault accident.


  1. Weather damage

Earthquakes, and other natural disasters, may be covered in your auto insurance policy. This kind of coverage is really only necessary if you live in areas where volatile weather is commonplace. Certain weather-related damages are deemed “Acts of God” and are therefore not the responsibility of the vehicle owner.


  1. Animal accidents

Animal accidents that cause damage to your vehicle are put into the same category as vandalism. If you frequent rural areas that are populated by large animals like deer, check your insurance policy to make sure that you are covered. Animal accidents can cause serious damage to your vehicle, and even if the damage is not cause by the animal itself, it’s possible that an animal could cause you to get into an accident with another automobile.


  1. Personal property damage

Unfortunately, valuables that are stolen from your vehicle are not covered by most insurance policies. Damage that is done in the event of a collision however, is covered by many insurance policies. It all depends on who is at fault in the event of an automobile collision. Your insurance will cover damage caused to another driver’s property if you are at fault, and will often cover damaged items in your vehicle if the other driver was at fault.


At the end of the day, your insurance policy is there to provide peace of mind, and aid you in keeping your car functioning at optimal performance. If you’re not sure whether your current insurance policy covers these items, talk to your insurance provider to expand your coverage, or compare your current coverage with other insurance providers to ensure that you’re receiving the best coverage possible for your vehicle. You may find that you are covered for events that you didn’t expect, or that you need to renegotiate your coverage.

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