Top Reasons Why Whirlpool Baths are Great Additions to Bathrooms

Dipping in a tub is highly relaxing, most especially after a long day at work. Just imagine soaking in the warm water while you’re listening to your favorite hits or reading a paperback. It’s even more relaxing if you dip in a whirlpool tub where water constantly ripples on your skin. The whirlpool tub is the most ideal choice if you want nothing but the best.

Whirlpools baths or jetted tubs were first introduced to the public back in 1956. They were created to help treat arthritis. The idea was to use hydrotherapy pumps to soothe muscle pain. It was around 1968 when the inventor, Roy Jacuzzi created a self-contained whirlpool bath. Years after, it was sold in the US market, followed by the UK market.

Enjoy a relaxing water massage anytime

Who needs a masseuse when you can just soak in a whirlpool bath? The rippling water from the jet system will help relieve muscle soreness and stress and improve blood circulation. With a more relaxed body, you can work more efficiently. Also, when you have good blood circulation, you can avoid detrimental diseases and enjoy living a healthier and more active life.

Bye, bye body toxins!

Apart from eating food rich in antioxidants, there are other ways you can get rid of body toxins. One way is through a detox bath. This process involves soaking in a detox solution to wash away all the chemicals deposited on your skin most especially when you spend a lot of time outside. A detox bath is also perfect if you are super stressed because the natural ingredients plus the water jet propulsion can help loosen tightened skin and muscles. The bath solution will definitely help clear your mind and soothe your nerves and muscles.

It’s easy to make your own detox bath solution. Some of the common ingredients used in a detox bath recipe are Epsom salts, bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar and essential oils. Alternatively, you buy bath bombs that contain natural health-boosting ingredients.

Bigger space, comfier soaking sessions!

The most common complaint of homeowners with their bathtubs is the limited space. Most tubs, especially the built-in ones come in smaller sizes so they barely fit a full-grown adult. Conventional tubs mostly fit 13-year-old kids. Fortunately, if you choose whirlpools baths you will surely fit right in because of the longer and wider dimensions. Forget about cramming your legs in a conventional bath. With a whirlpool bathtub, you can straighten your legs while you’re taking a dip.

If you are tired of your same old bath, you should consider getting a whirlpool bath. It comes with plenty of benefits for your mental and physical well-being. It’s perfect for a detox bath and a relaxing soak after a long day. Also, it instantly adds a luxurious feel to any bathroom. There are plenty of colours and designs that you can choose from. You can easily choose a model according to the overall interior design of your bathroom.

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