5 Ways To Apply Hair Serum For Healthy Hair

When hair is dry, tangled or it just lacks luster, there is never a reason to be upset for long. With the help of organic, all-natural oils and specially prepared serums, hair can get back to being shiny and manageable.

Here are five ways to apply hair serums so that you get the greatest benefits in the shortest time. Follow these tips and you will also get your hair shiny without weighing it down or making it greasy.

The type of serum, it should be noted, is up to you to choose. There are serums made with argan oil which is especially suited for oily hair. This is also good for dry hair.

Others are made for dry hair and include ingredients like silicone which, although synthetic, is a great serum for preventing frizz. Avoid any serum with alcohol. It is very drying even in a moisture-producing serum.

The first step to applying the serum is to find the one that is right for you. Ask your hairstylist for recommendations or just look online at Three Squares Soil but be aware that the one that works for you is the best one to use. It may surprise you to find that serums made for African-American hair, which often contain olive oil, are perfect for your wavy red locks.

Ask around and experiment. Now that you have chosen a few serums to try, here are the methods for applying them. Yes, the application of the product matters. Applying it wrong can lead you to think it just is not working for you. Applying it correctly can make you feel like your hair has finally learned to behave, even in humid weather!

Apply Directly to Dry Hair with Your Hands

This is the easiest way to apply hair serums. It is perfect for times where you are out or at work and your locks just will not obey no matter what you do.

Rubbed one or two drops between your palms and fingers. Apply evenly to the ends of the hair. Make sure to go all around to cover all of your locks. This will tame flyaways and smooth down unruly strands. The reason you want to use just a drop is so that you do not overdo the application. That is a cause of weighing the hair down.

You can also use this method for daily styling on days when you do not shampoo. Once it is in your hair, brush or comb it so that it is distributed properly leaving you with a natural-looking, smooth hairstyle.

Put it On Before Shampooing

When you go to wash your hair, add your favorite serum when hair is still dry. You can use a little more than the method described above. Brush or comb it in so that your hair looks like it is slightly damp. Shampoo, rinse and condition your hair as you normally would. If you can, let your hair air dry.

When you use a blow dryer, it can undo some of the work that the serum did. If you must blow dry, add a tiny amount to your brush when the hair is nearly dry to give it extra protection throughout the day.


You may not need to do this every time you wash your hair. This is up to you to determine based on how your hair responds to the treatment or how the weather is outside.

Overnight Applications

Are you beset with very dry hair? Has it been overexposed to the sun or to the ocean? If your hair looks and feels like straw, it is time to give it the full overnight treatment.

You can use your choice of serum in place of a hair mask. Apply it with your fingers from the roots to the ends. No matter what hair type you have, the end result will leave you looking like your hair is nearly wet. This is what you want.

Use a comb or brush suitable for your hair length to slowly and evenly brush through every strand. You want the serum to distribute evenly. Put your hair in a shower cap or a bandana.

Go to sleep with your serum on overnight. In the morning, shower and wash your hair. Style it as usual for a smooth, shiny and restored head of hair.

Style with Serums Option One

When you wash your hair condition it and style it, use serums the correct way. Do not apply it once you are out of the shower and have towel-dried your hair. If you then blow-dry or flat iron it, the style may become frizzy.

Style your hair first. If you set it with curlers, put the curlers in first. Once you have your style completed, then apply a small amount, after rubbing it through your hands and fingers. This will enhance the style so that it holds and looks beautifully smooth and shiny.

Style with Serums Option Two

Not every style can wait for the serum. While this may sound like it is canceling out the method above, it isn’t. It is simply an option to use the serum before you take a styling tool to your hair.

For long or straight styles, you might wish to apply the serum before blow drying. The product will protect your hair from the heat of the styling tool. The first way that was mentioned above is great for styles when you are going out, have lots of curls or waves involved or you will be wearing it up.

This second option is great for everyday hairstyles. Also, if you are having constant issues with humidity or hair frizzies, you will need to use the product on a regular basis so that it can help you heal the hair and bring it under control.

These are five ways to apply hair serums so that you get the hair you want. Too much can be a bad thing, applying it at the wrong time can be as well. With the tips above, you should be able to solve your frizzy hair problems and that is a good thing.

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