Finding A Life Coach Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

From college students to business owners, many people are looking for that edge to take their personal and professional life to the next level. In the past, only athletes and the Hollywood elite could afford a coach or mentor who would give them the guidance they needed to excel and perform at a peak level. But with so many individuals looking to create a better life for themselves and family, many are looking to hire their own expert to help motivate them to become their best self.

Enter the Coaching Institute, a resource for those dedicated to success who want an easy way to find a life coach that best fits their needs. Launched in 2018, the site is aggregating information that will make it simpler for people who want to better themselves or their business.

“These days, almost everyone is looking to improve their life” says Dan Miller, co-founder of the Coaching Institute. “Whether it’s making more money, finding a better job, or creating better relationships, people are looking for support along their journey of transformation and we want to support them along the way.”

Over the years, people like Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn has made the idea of life coaching much more accessible. Prior to them, people really only understood the idea of either working with a consultant, having a teacher, or possibly a mentor.

“When you look at the history of coaching, you will see that some people did not quite understand it as there was no true point of reference” says Mr. Miller. “Before the late 80’s, all there really was were either teachers, consultants, or guru’s from India which Americans had a really bad notion towards. But once people like Tony Robbins came in, he really paved the way for others to provide the same support.”

In the last twenty years, life coaching has really established itself as a legitimate industry. Even celebrities like Oprah have started working with a life coach. However, one of the biggest challenges facing people is finding a life coach that fits their needs and personality.

“Since clients are going to be establishing a very close relationship with their coach, it’s important they find someone who fits their personality as well as their goals. Not all coaches are created equal and that’s where our company comes in. We see ourselves as a matchmaking service helping coaches and clients find the right fit so that they can create a mutually beneficial relationship.”

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