How To Remove Mugshots.Com After New Florida State Law?

Tampa, Florida-THE MUGSHOT PROBLEM – According to the Orlando Sentinel, since 2011 has managed to accumulate over 30 million arrests records that were collected from Sheriff Departments across the country. The damage caused by mugshot websites like and is an immediate and long-term fallout for arrested individuals.

Mugshot websites increase the difficulty of recovering from the humiliation of getting arrested and exposes their personal information search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Recently Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill into law that will require websites that publish mug shots to take them down upon request if the person pictured is not convicted. The challenge for many is the new Florida law will only provide relief for those who were found innocent, those who remain on the website will need the assistant of Reputation Management experts like

A spokesperson for the firm said that the mugshot problem would remain a problem as long as Sheriff Departments and local newspapers continue to post-arrest photos.

“To correct the mugshot problem you first have to go to the source, and that remains the Sheriff Departments who publish these inmate photos online.” The rep went on to say that “we had seen times when a person’s mugshot photo was Published online before the guy was able to make it home and take a shower. When it comes to controlling the mugshot crisis is not the only site to carry the blame – the booking photo was first posted online for all to see by Police and second by newspaper Crime Blotters.”

On their website, it says boldly that is the inventor of Mugshot Removal Services: in the spring of 2010 they enrolled their first mugshot removal client. “The other major problem we experienced in trying to remove our client’s information from the internet were transparency laws in states like Florida and Texas. Laws that mandated all state-run agencies to make their data easily accessible. We’re hoping this new Florida Mugshot Bill that goes into effect July 1, 2018; law will also shine a light on the need to know versus the mass uploading of sensitive content like mugshot photos.”


Reputation Management Giant announced three weeks ago that they had reduced service fees to help clients suppress old links from, since their announcement the firm has experienced an increase in new client enrollments. Here’s Why. This exclusive offer is for first-time enrollments in their Protective Custody Monitoring Service, which provides 24 Hour internet privacy monitoring and negative link removal.

Founded in 2008 original mission was to provide brand protection assistance for business owners who were victims of disgruntled customers, and victims of Cyber Bullying. reports that 60% of the calls they now receive are from clients in dire need of information on how to remove a mugshot from the internet? The Reputation Management firm also shared that their commitment to their clients continues long after they’ve repaired their search results: Protective Custody is still actively monitoring clients who enrolled in 2011. offers a:

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Private Consultation
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Positive Press Distribution
  • Secure Storage of Data
  • Iron Clad Privacy Commitment
  • No 3rd Party Resale or Solicitations 


“At we work for you and will do whatever has to be done to protect your online privacy. Our investigators and attorney are on retainer for your unique situation, and you will have the peace of mind knowing we will work around the clock to protect our clients. Stop wasting precious time out of your life researching each website that appears in your search results – call and Bailout of the internet for Good.”

You have the right to protect your privacy, and that starts with your Google Search Results. Your name is your brand, and you have the right to defend it. If you are someone you know has discovered a link on or dead links from, please visit  



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