New Wednesday Art Workshops with Toaa Dallo

NEW Workshop Wednesdays – Have a Quickie With Toaa Dallo (just kidding)- Master Painter

Beginning June 6, Wednesdays from 5 to 8 pm!

These special “Quickie” Art Workshops are designed for beginners and experienced painters alike — an Art Clinic for paintings you’ve already started, plus a weekly Speed Painting workshop and demonstration. Join us every Wednesday for the fun. Work on a painting you’ve already started, or try your hand at speed painting. We will have lots of subjects to paint, and plenty of small canvases. It’s a great way to cut loose and explore the pure joy of art making! It’s just $30 per workshop or $125 for a series of five.

Schedule of Classes

Weekday art classes at Palace Art in Capitola:

Mondays, 2-5

Tuesdays, 10-1 and 2-5

Wednesdays (starting June 6), 5-8

Fridays, 5-8

It’s just $30 per class, or $125 for a series of five classes.

Beginners Welcome

These classes are designed for beginners, and they’re also great for more experienced artists. Anyone who loves to make art and wants to learn more about it will find a home here. If you’ve been thinking about getting back to your art or taking up a new hobby, now is a perfect time.

Individual Instruction

Art is my passion, and I’ll be your guide on this adventure. In my classes, you can choose any subject you like — whatever inspires you. I will give you customized art lessons geared to your particular interests and level of experience. Try your hand at different styles or media — the choice is yours.

Bring a Friend

Our classes are a lot of fun, and you’re invited to be a part of it. This is a special opportunity for people to come together and enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of making art. We’re all friends here. Join us!

Sign Up Now!

Call or text Toaa at (831) 332-9532, or email at, to reserve your space in a class.

Toaa Dallo

(831) 332-9532


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