BookJane is Hiring Over 300 Caregivers to Meet Summer Demand

BookJane, a technology company that connects child care centers, senior home facilities, and families, with industry-leading networks of caregivers for on-demand senior care and childcare, this week announced that 2018 will be a year of record growth in the entire caregiving field.

Both the senior care and childcare fields have had a large need for BookJane’s ‘caregivers on-demand’ service. BookJane currently has a team of over 3000 on-demand caregiving professionals composed of Personal Support Workers, Registered Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, Registered Early Childhood Educators and Early Childhood Assistants, but due to the growing demand, the company will be hiring an additional 300 caregivers to better support their clients.

“The summer is always our busiest season” said Curtis Khan, Founder and CEO of BookJane. “We already have high demand for this coming summer, and to support our clients in the busy season we are actively hiring more caregivers. The large demand for our services lets us know that we are doing things right, and we find it exciting that our success lets us provide great opportunities for so many caregivers.”


Not only is BookJane working with thousands of caregivers, they also put a lot of their efforts into making caregiver’s lives better. Curtis explained,“We pay our caregivers more than industry standard, we provide ongoing professional development opportunities, all our caregivers get to make their own schedules, and we have ongoing caregiver recognition and incentives programs.”



Visit the BookJane website to learn more about their summer contest, incentive plan, referral bonus and their caregiver award ceremony.

For more information on BookJane and their enterprise platform, email, or call (416)-352-8636.

ABOUT US: Available for free download on iOS and Android, BookJane is changing the face of the caregiver industry. Whether you have a senior parent or a young child, BookJane helps match customers with caregivers at rates they can afford and the peace of mind they deserve. Each caregiver undergoes a two-tier background check, including vulnerable screening and reference check. Unlike traditional caregiving services, BookJane offers flat rates with easy in app payment—no tipping required!

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