Ste. Anne’s Spa Covers Medical Cannabis for Employees

GRAFTON, ONTARIO – Ste. Anne’s Spa is dedicated to providing guests with the best in care and wellness, and that applies to their own employees.

Canada’s #1 destination spa, located in Grafton ON, is offering a progressive health benefits plan that includes medical cannabis for employees that qualify to provide relief for a variety of issues including chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

Canadian entrepreneur Jim Corcoran, owner of Ste. Anne’s Spa, is among one of the first in Canada to help staff cover the cost of this alternative therapy, which further compliments his already generous employee benefits program. In addition, he’s leading the way in accommodating this coming trend in future client services. “For massages, topical cannabis oil with CBD has no psychogenic effects but it allows the muscles to relax for a deeper message, plus there are pain-relieving, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties too,” says Corcoran.

The positive therapeutic powers of the cannabis plant extract like CBD are renowned, yet sadly its usage is highly stigmatized – Corcoran hopes to introduce a more liberal, more compassionate and enlightened approach to health and balance. “More people worldwide view it as socially acceptable and medically important.”

Attention to health and healing is Ste. Anne’s trademark, so it’s not surprising that Corcoran is supporting both guests and staff in thoughtful, responsible ways. Indulging in relaxation and revitalization at the spa could include a walk in the woods or getting a massage using coconut oil or coconut oil with CBD.

Corcoran adds that covering medical marijuana for his staff gets them back to work sooner, staying at work, and contributes to their overall wellness and productivity. Ste. Anne’s is hosting clinic days so staff can learn more about medical cannabis.

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