Cloud Painting with Toaa Dallo

Dallo Clouds

Learn How to Paint Clouds

Saturday, February 17, at Palace Art in Capitola (11 am to 6 pm)

There’s nothing like clouds for color and drama, and they’re a fantastic subject for painting. You’ll learn about painting basic shapes, color mixing, blending, light sources, shadow, and perspective—all the secrets to great cloudscapes. You’ve got to try this!

Portrait Painting

Saturday, February 24, at Palace Art in Capitola (11 am to 6 pm)

This charming portrait by the great American artist John Singer Sargent hangs in the National Gallery, and it’s an ideal subject for our portraiture workshop. You’ll start with a specially marked canvas to help you through the early stages, and I will guide you with step-by-step demonstrations to keep you going. Learn about the art of portraiture in a relaxed, friendly setting. It’s a must-attend event!

Time to Make Art!

California Landscape

Saturday, March 3, at Palace Art in Capitola (11 am to 6 pm)

American Impressionists often found their inspiration in the California landscape. Our subject for this new Paint Along workshop is William Wendt’s gorgeous “Rolling Hills” from 1920. It’s a great lesson in a dynamic use of color and creative brushwork. And you’ll finish the day with a beautiful painting.

Everyone is Welcome

No prior painting experience is necessary. These workshops are designed for beginners, and for people who love to make art and want to learn more about it. You can do it! It’s just $65, including materials, canvas, and paints.

Weekday Art Classes

Art is fun! Learn how to paint and have a great time, too. You can choose any subject you like — whatever inspires you. It’s just $30 per class or $125 for a series of five classes.

Schedule of Classes

Mondays, 2-5

Tuesdays, 10-1 and 2-5

Fridays, 5-8

Sign Up Now!

Call or text Toaa Dallo at (831) 332-9532 to reserve your space in a class or work op, or email at

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