The DDC Group Reveals Rebrand

The DDC Group has rebranded globally, unifying their extensive outsourcing solutions across their worldwide locations.

Significant growth over the past decade has meant the brands within The DDC Group have increased in number and variety. Much of 2017 was spent bringing together the images and personalities of each brand to better represent the global presence of The DDC Group. The New Year is the ideal time to launch this new image.

Jan Trevalyan, CEO of The DDC Group was a key driver behind this rebrand: “We have been delivering fantastic results across a variety of industries for decades now. This is the time that the expertise across our many successful entities should be recognized as one cohesive outsourcing platform.”

The grey of DDC OS (UK, USA, and EUR) represents the professional and efficient nature of these brands. The blues of DDC Analytic Solutions, Charity Solutions, Digital Solutions, Multilingual Solutions, KPO Solutions and FPO Solutions, recognize the innovative nature of these more recent entities; Whilst the standout and traditional red of The DDC Group represents its position as the umbrella, lending direction and a constant between us all.

Look out for many projects and announcements coming during 2018; It promises to be another exciting year for all involved, and another stepping stone for the future success of The DDC Group.

To find out more about The DDC Group take a look at their new website


The DDC Group is a successful global group of companies recognized within our industry as a leading business process outsourcer. We are passionate about customer service and delivering innovative outsourced solutions that reduce costs and drive efficiencies.

We do this by optimising our unique combination of onshore, nearshore and offshore locations, which are driven by our people and advanced technology. DDC prides itself on its highly qualified, carefully trained team with decades of experience specific to the industries that it serves. Our unique approach is fostered by a passion for what we do, promoting from within; many of our team members have been with us for over 20 years.

Our people are proud to be a part of the DDC family and are actively engaged and motivated to make a difference to the company and to our clients.

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