Upbra Launches New Bra Size Measuring App

Can your bra do Lift and Give you Sexy Cleavage?

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Upbra Launches New Bra Size Measuring App

Buying bras can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Bras come in all shapes and sizes and finding the one that matches your exact measurements isn’t always easy.See the App hereFinding the right size is also complicated by inconsistencies across manufacturers and inexperienced fitters. Even within the same shop, you can have different ranges that fit differently. Upbra has been working for the past three years to improve this.

That’s where Upbra® comes into play!

Using data taken while measuring over 1,000 women during the five years of development of their new adjustable lift bra, the designers at Upbrarealized the answer to a more straightforward way to get your bra size was right in front of them: all that data.  So they decided to take all that statistical data from real women and put it all into a smartphone app to determine bra sizes.

The objective, says Upbra spokesperson, “is to upgrade the set of expectations a woman has about her bra.  If you start with an accurate measurement of your size,  your bra will fit better, “and that’s what we’re striving for”.  Today, after a year of testing with over 6,000 women, Upbra is officially introducing their sizing app.The app basically replaces tape measures with technology to help women find the perfect size,” says Upbra, adding that “and by replacing tape measures,  we’re also replacing the difficult to understand charts, we’re eliminating the errors that women get because nobody ever says how tight to hold it, or how to keep it from falling down your back, and we’re also replacing the hit-or-miss measurements you’ll get at stores.

Importantly, Upbra does this measuring on your phone.

Secure and Private.

No pictures are taken at all. It is all a series of matching yourself to a series of graphics.Another thing Upbra does with the data is they figure out what the majority of women in each size range want from their bras.   That information is used by the company’s design team who have been working full speed since the introduction back in 2015 to come up with improved models of Upbra bras with specific attributes for different sizes.

Made in the U.S.A.

Design turnaround is quick since Upbra bras are made in the company’s factory in California.

“The fact that we design and manufacture right here in California means we’re able to constantly improve on our stated purpose, which is to offer women a bra that lets them look like they’ve always wanted, and feel as comfortable as they’ve always wanted. ”

And more importantly, Upbra gives your girls the best lift you could hope for!

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