Cancer Brings Two Families Together

‘A Gift Of The Heart’ with John Schnieder and Austin St. John. is a film based on the book, written by Andrew Heller, to help kids with cancer.  Currently in Pre Production is essentially about “Two Families, Two Lives & One Future” with a story of friendship touching the hearts of many, taking it’s readers on a rollercoaster of emotions one faces as a parent, family member or friend when faced with the potential lifestyle changes, associated with Cancer. 

Limited, signed copies of ‘A Gift of the Heart’ are currently available for purchase with portions of sales used to  help Kids with Cancer, families in need and bring to the forefront the need for more organ donation.

Actor, Producer and Author of ‘A Gift of the Heart” a member of SAG with, over 30years experience in the industry with credits including Superboy, Cold Case, From the Earth to the Moon, Dance Gypsy Dance, Epiphany and Gift of the Heart.  If you would like to support A Gift of the Heart visit the website here to donate $25 or more to the cause.


“A Gift of the Heart” – Trailer:

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