Waterford Consultants LLC, a professional services organization specializing in FCC and FAA regulatory compliance, engineering and wireless site development, achieved an industry milestone last week when the company completed its 100,000th radio frequency (RF) emissions (EME) study. Many of these studies were completed utilizing Waterford’s innovative RoofMaster® software which most wireless carriers have quickly adopted as industry standard.

 EME studies, or Electro-Magnetic Emissions studies, are required by wireless carriers and property owners, to determine if transmission sites comply with current FCC guidelines. Waterford’s Chief Executive Officer, Tom Ferguson, is proud at how quickly the thirteen-year-old company achieved this industry landmark. “We are pleased that our customers have recognized the distinct quality of our expertise, innovative approach and value of our services. We will continue to be dedicated to helping our clients meet the growing importance of RF compliance in our industry“. 

 With the ever-increasing reliance on wireless service, the FCC continues to enforce industry regulations regarding human exposure to radio frequency radiation. Historically, cell towers were the predominant choice for wireless transmissions by carriers; however, advancement of in-building (DAS) and small cell wireless solutions allows for a wider variety of locations and site types that can be utilized to transmit radio frequencies. As a result, and given the increasing concern and awareness by the public, the importance of verifying a wireless site’s RF compliance is at an all-time high.

 About Waterford

 Waterford Consultants LLC, an established leader in the wireless community, specializes in a diverse collection of technical and consulting services. Waterford’s offerings include FCC and FAA regulatory compliance, engineering, site development, as well as a host of software-related products that service the wireless industry. Since 2004, Waterford has continued to expand their presence with significant focus given to developing the most innovative and tech-savvy solutions. Waterford’s clientele consists of the industry’s leading carriers, tower and structure owners, engineering and site acquisition firms, as well as most local, state and federal government organizations. For more information about Waterford and the services they offer, visit www.waterfordconsultants.com

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