We Did It: MirroCool Reaches Its Kickstarter 50K Funding Goal

 MirroCool Inc, a San Francisco-based startup is pleased to share the good news: it has reached its $50K funding goal on Kickstarter for its all-in-one personal assistant, HD camera and smart mirror and it continues to grow and to gain momentum. We reached our goal in 72 hours only and is kicking up a storm on Kickstarter, the popular and highly competitive crowdfunding platform.

So what’s the big deal about a new smart mirror? Simply put, its technology. And how it increases productivity. 

MirroCool is the only smart mirror on the market that utilizes Facial Gestures Recognition (FGR) and faceprint preferring it over voice or hands activated technology.  And why is that? It increases productivity by freeing your hands and your voice to perform other tasks. It’s more secure than fingerprint scan and it 


The power and convenience of a smart mirror are combined with the world of touch-free technology in our one-of-a-kind device. Remember when we mentioned Facial Gesture Recognition (FGR) technology? This proprietary option that only our device offers in a smart mirror will recognize up to 70 unique facial positions that allow you to complete a task or other function. Simply smile at the mirror and POOF: your mirror will display anything from upcoming appointments to weather updates!


Did we mention our smart mirror can be mounted anywhere? It’s sleek, versatile design not only works well in a bathroom but can fit just as fabulously in that hallway as you sneak that final peek at your outfit and receive those last minute updates before leaving for that meeting or rushing to that doctor appointment.


Even Apple recognizes that a faceprint is better security than a fingerprint!

A bonus feature that MirroCool offers? Enhanced home security. Our technology recognizes users faces, right through the device. Any time an unregistered profile is detected through your mirror, you will receive a notification straight to your app. Think it could be a home intruder? Easily contact the authorities and stay secure, no matter where you are. If you want to disable this feature, it’s easy, too.


Privacy concerns can be put aside. Your information is secured and private on the MirroCloud storage space. Also, you can as quickly turn off the MirroCool if you are concerned that it will take photos of you (it won’t!) in your intimate moments.

Join us on Kickstarter today!

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