Vineet Wankhede Releases his New Book, ‘Collateral’

The book, Collateral, is written by Vineet Wankhede that revolves around a web designer who tries to support his daily needs. His wife helps him with work and they manage their small office together. 
While shopping in a grocery store one day, Dave sees an unattended baby. He starts talking to her vaguely but realizes she hasn’t started speaking yet. He waits for her parents to show up, but no one does. An unpleasant event happens in the same grocery store and he takes the baby with him. But when someone responsible for the child finds out about Dave, chaos follows. 
Vineet Wankhede has penned a marvelous read with a warranted title, ‘Collateral’  with the crisp storyline and a different approach towards the art of storytelling. The book is a riddle that keeps the reader in check.
A thrill ride awaits new and experienced readers alike and Collateral breaks the ice ceiling and recommended to readers. 
The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. 
Vineet, like his book, seems mysterious and lives away from the modern day social media influence. It spends time observing faces and enjoys writing about the perplexed life. He hopes to reach similarities to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle whom he considers an inspiration. 

His second thriller, which is based on a 1950’s serial killer, is also in the pipeline. He wants to break the ice between Indian readers and mysteries as he thinks thrillers are something people perceive as boring and perplexed. He enjoys his family life and wants to keep writing mysteries which are fast and short, like a roller coaster ride! 

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