New Urban contemporary Soul Music from Indie artist Niva the Soul Diva

Indie R&B soul singer and recording artist ‘Niva the soul diva’ has released a new EP, ‘Life, Love & Music‘.

 Niva the soul diva is considered by many to be one of the hottest Live performers among today’s indie music artists. The new EP contains tracks previously released as singles as well as new tracks. Niva the soul diva has always been considered a multi genre artist and on the new EP she continues to produce music of different genres. All of the tracks on the EP were written by Niva the soul diva with production help from some noteworthy music producers. The free download track ‘Hennessy love’ is a hip-hop track produced by the Bronx producer ‘stay high 149’. The track ‘I am a warrior’ was produced by highly respected producer ‘Chiba Antoine’ of ‘Groovy miles productions’. This track is Niva the soul diva’s step into the alternative rock genre, of course while adding a touch of ‘Soul’. In addition to being available for sale at major online music retailers, the EP is also available on Niva the soul diva’s own website which uses the ‘WIX’ Music Store platform. Regarding the EP Niva the soul diva stated ” I want this EP to reflect my view that music should be real and not a bunch of sound effects and ‘autotune’, I want to make music that all people can enjoy, and I don’t want to make music that sounds like everyone else. I want to communicate with my fans on Facebook and Instagram and all social media, as an independent artist that means so much”.

Listen to the EP ‘Life, Love & Music‘ on SoundCloud, Spotify,Tidal, Shazam and iTunes music.

For more about Niva the soul diva go to her website

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