WiMacTel Announces Corporate Name Change to viiz communications

WiMacTel, a North American leader in communications services, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to viiz communications.  The viiz name and logo reflect the company’s foundational attributes of custom developed solutions, excellent customer service and an easy to do business with approach.  Additionally, viiz represents the firm’s ability to leverage its telecommunications experience and platform to provide solutions to a broader audience.  James MacKenzie, the company’s Co-Founder, President and CEO stated that, “the viiz team has built a platform that we can present to a new collection of customers and to new industry segments.”


The new brand expression represents a holistic approach to the viiz business.  As the company delivers strong financial results, giving back is viewed as a responsibility that it has towards employees, customers and the community.  Products that assist customers in emergency situations, a corporate sustainability emphasis and partnering with organizations that make a difference within our community are each a significant piece of viiz corporate priorities.

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