Oh No- We Send You The Wrong PR Discount Code


Dear RushPRNews subscribers, 

Many of you tried to place an order using the $20 PR discount and were unable to process their order. Our BAD! We sent you an incorrect coupon code.

RushPRNews Newsroom

The correct code is 20_Discount

Enter  at the checkout 20_Discount and you will be able to process your order and get the $20 discount. Our apology is not stopping with a cute puppy image, place an order for the basic package at $59, apply the $20 discount and we will process it as most high-end $135 for only $39 (with applied coupon)

Digital News Sites +Targeted News outlet Broadcast + High Level Social Media.

In other words, you will the $135 package for $39.

I hope that makes up for the inconvenience.

RushPRNews team

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