SchoolFinder to be launched in a new avatar soon

SchoolFinder is pleased to announce that it will be soon undergoing a re-branding exercise and change its name to Sqoolz. This will involve a change in logo, visual brand identity and a completely new website.

“The first leg of our journey was been exciting and rewarding yet eye-opening as we seek to understand the Indian parent and their schooling needs. Over the last 12 months, we have established ourselves among the handful of preferred and relied-upon choices for those searching schools online. We will introduce a lineup of great new features over the coming months that will increase the experience of parents on our site. The transformation will reflect our ambition and enthusiasm and focus on serving our customers” explained Ravishankar Iyer, founder of SchoolFinder.

SchoolFinder, launched in early 2015, has established itself as parents’ preferred choice for those seeking to search, explore and analyze everything about schools for their kids. SchoolFinder, in 13 cities currently, offers detailed information about K-12 schools of all boards / curriculum including the pedagogy, facilities, admission details, latest updates and more. SchoolFinder have introduced virtual campus tours of schools for the first time in India. Cutting out the noise of existing sites that are mere listings; searching and exploring schools on SchoolFinder is a far more engaging experience that aims at ensuring parents identify the best possible schools for their kids. With the fast paced lives, parents find themselves increasingly short on time for tasks around kids’ schooling needs. SchoolFinder serves as one-stop destination to help parents with schooling decisions.

Starting off in Pune and encouraged by the voluminous interest shown by parents there, SchoolFinder aims to quickly spread across to the other major cities in India – thereby helping parents across the country find the right school for their children.

For more information about SchoolFinder, please visit

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