Personal Care Aide the Top Growing Healthcare Job in the US

When it comes to the vast field of healthcare, individuals have a lot of career options that they can choose from. And many healthcare jobs will provide a high salary, job security, and a fantastic way to make a positive difference in the lives of others. However, because there are so many career paths to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. Should you pursue a career in public health, for example, by getting your public health degree online or furthering your education by becoming a master of public health, or should you become a specialist physician who focuses on patients with cardiovascular problems, as a couple of examples?

One way to narrow your choices down is by analyzing the fastest growing jobs in the country, and the position of personal care aide is one of them.

What Does a Personal Care Aide Do?

As a personal care aide, you’ll get the chance to work directly with people who are in need and who are trying to cope with physical disabilities, mental ailments, or chronic diseases. You will help them make their meals throughout the day, as well as assist them with getting dressed and completing their daily responsibilities and tasks. Without you by their side, a lot of these individuals, who are often elderly, wouldn’t be able to do what’s necessary to survive every day.

It’s important to distinguish between home health aides and personal care aides, as personal care aides will not perform any medical related tasks. Instead, their work will typically begin after a client has been diagnosed and treated by a doctor.

A Job for the Compassionate

As a personal care aide, you will be able to extend your compassion to those who need it most. Therefore, in order to be qualified for this type of work and to get a great position within the field, you should have a strong desire to help and care for others.

You should also be understanding and patient, and you should be comfortable working with a variety of people in diverse settings, such as in a patient’s home, in a group home, in a large-scale care community, or in a small residential facility.

Anticipated Job Growth

The need for qualified personal care aides is growing rapidly, so there will be plenty of job opportunities to pursue once you’ve received the appropriate education and qualifications. In fact, it is projected that the job growth rate in the field for personal care aides will be 48.8% by 2022. That makes this career option the fastest growing job position in the healthcare industry.

States that have the highest employment levels for personal care aides include Texas, New York, California, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. However, the highest concentrations of jobs can be found in New Mexico, Minnesota, Maine, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

Those who are seeking a career that will allow them to work one-on-one with those in need should definitely consider becoming a personal care aide, especially since these professionals are going to be in high demand with each passing year.

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